If that's a "football", why is he holding it with his hand?
Clipboard Jesus
You'll only get me to care about the Seahawks if they helped to kill bin Laden.
The Seahawks should pick up Vince Young, since Tenessee has all but fired him with their Locker pick.
@4: Young wasn't coming back to the Titans anyway, and he's hardly the answer for the Hawks. He sucks.

But you won't see Locker starting this year. He needs time before he's ready.
The more immediate question is will the Flyers win tonight? They're in a hole.
@4 Are you out of your mind? The only thing Vince Young is good at is skipping practice to open steak restaurants.
Kolb has played, what, 5 NFL games? He looked good in most of them, but that's a pretty small sample size. Carson Palmer is the safer bet, assuming he was just sandbagging last year to finally give Mike Brown the fisting he's long deserved. Of course, with no running game whatsoever, the next Seahawks QB won't stand much of a chance anyhow.
Kolb is going the Arizona.
@8 I agree - why is everyone so freakin' high on Kolb? He is still a mostly unknown commodity, with barely any more game experience than Charlie Whitehurst.

Even though the guy was playing on a godfuckingawful Bengals team, Palmer still put up decent numbers. He's got the tools and probably a few good years left in him, which is all we'd need from him - a bridge quarterback between the Hasslebeck era and whoever we eventually draft to be the new franchise quarterback. Combine that with his relationship with Pete Carroll, and I think he's the more likely option.
We won the division, and hosted and won a playoff game with the Hasselbeck/Whitehurst combo. I say give it one more year.

And, yes, Kolb is no more proven than Whitehurst. Why have them both on the roster?

Kolb is more proven than Hasselbeck was when the Seahawks acquired him. As an Eagles fan, I'm not thrilled to see him go, especially with how prone Vick is to injury.
We need to play whoever has the best chance of delivering us Andrew Luck.
Wait, I know this! This is football, right?
Both Kolb & Palmer essentially turned out to be malcontents who whined their way out of situations that weren't to their particualar liking. I'd stick it out w/ Hasselbeck for a year and until a proven, viable alternative presents itself. He always had a real good attitude and should have earned himself a decent amount of goodwill and respect with the ownership & fanbase.
Palmer is almost as old as Hasselbeck. Not the answer.

Kevin Kolb. Go get him, Seahawks. He is 26 and was good enough for the Eagles to dump McNabb. He looked great while he was the starter. The rebirth of Michael Vick, who made the Pro Bowl as the NFC starter, is the only thing that derailed Kolb's rise to stardom last season.
A gift from my Eagles to the Hawks. My adopted city would be wise to make this deal. Y'all remember when we got Matt from Greenbay? He was an unknown backup. Trust me the hawks have it right this time. Make a deal.
Hasselbeck is fragile, getting older and cannot take the hits anymore. He was great in that playoff game, but only because he took a full week off to rest and probably got some legal painkillers prior to the game.

Dennis Dixon was backup to Ben Raplisberger, did a great job, if were not going to Hasselbeck, then id like to see a chance at stealing him away from the Steelers.
What @1 said.

Didn't they move to Oklahoma?
i dont want to give up a first rounder on kolb. lets tank and get andrew luck in '12, thats the plan.
I have thoughts, ya know!

Anyway, forget about Carson Palmer. Mike Brown and the Bengals NEVER give in to player demands, even if they have to shoot themselves in the foot to do so. Palmer's not going anywhere.

Kolb's good, but pricey. The problem is, we have just about an all-rookie O-line. They'll probably be good, but not this season. Someone's gonna get all beat up, and it should probably be Matty and Charlie.
@7 I would appreciate a new steakhouse in town.

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