Gonna spend your first year in office fucking over and sliming state and public employees? Then you might want to disable comments on your YouTube video soliciting nominations for outstanding state and public employees. Someone might wanna get in there and copy all of the comments before Walker's minders delete this account and repost it with the comments disabled. A sampling:

Wow, I honestly can't believe you left comments on for this video. Every public and state employee I know would probably consider your thanks an insult. Yeah, I'm sure the people who you've been slamming for the last six months really want an award from you. Continue to be recognized ? But not with pay or benefits, or anything that actually matters? You did realize this is a further insult right? You aren't fooling anyone.

The best prize I could win is seeing you recalled next year.

"Please nominate these exceptional employees so we can lay them off and maybe burn down their homes while we're at it. Our goal is to make the good people of Wisconsin suffer as much as humanly possible. We will not rest until the future for our children is in complete ruin. We do not want excellence here...we want slaves."

Scott Walker is deep. The depths of his douchebaggery know no bounds.

I am a state worker and I found this very insulting and demoralizing. I can't decide if you're just a moron ..or if, in fact, you are totally psychotic. ...anyone have a clue?

Dear Scott, I'm a PR guy. I do PR stunts all the time. This is the lamest, dumbest, least genuine PR stunt since that pop star purposely got caught with drugs. I'm talking purely from a PR perspective here: Don't pretend to be something you're not. You don't respect state workers. You don't want to recognize excellence. So don't pretend you do. Stay true to yourself, you corporatist douche.
PS: When you post a video, you CAN disable comments.
PPS: Fire everyone in your press shop.