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Oh, it's Thursday. Time for Goldy to play the class warfare card.

So, explain to me how I'm playing the class warfare card, and not the Kochs?
koch is pronounced more like 'coke', not like 'cock'. but other than that, nicely done.
@2: It's only class warfare when it is the lower classes attacking the upper classes, silly. When the direction is reversed, it's called "The American Way."

It's a visual pun. I could've gone with "Kirby Wilbur Snorts Koch," but it wouldn't have been as funny.

Ham-handed, potty-mouthed ridicule is self-indulgent fun, but leads (in Bushspeak) to seriously "misunderestimating" an opponent.
@2: Well, to start off with, the video showing lavish estates vs poor seniors. Then you whine about Koch influence, then the tea party.
If they violated disclosure laws, they'll pay the fine. As will Geroge Soros.
@5 - "Koch Whore" is another option.
Are the Kochs the new Soros bogeyman?
I always thought Luke Esser was kind of a knob, but compared the colostomy bags who are running the party now he's like the greatest guy ever. You could probably even drink a beer with him without stabbing yourself in the throat in despair.

I'm sorry, that was meant to be funny? I mean, outside of a 6th Grade locker room? Huh!
@11: No one in my sixth grade class (or in my sixth-grader's class, for that matter) would have made or understood a coke-snorting reference. Where did you go to school? Medellin?

I was actually referring to what Goldstein was, the weak and sophomoric blowjob joke.
@13: Oh get over yourself. Ridicule and satire are common weapons of the powerless against the powerful. The point - wealthy Republicans flouting disclosure laws - is not invalidated by a (sophmoric, though not unfunny) reference to fellatio.

6th grade? I know for a fact that 14-year-old's find me funny.
Six graders have locker rooms? We just did gym in our regular clothes.
@13: Sophomoric? I thought you said sixth-graders!

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