Good Work, Dan!

This is the proof,
that has been missing to date,
that homosexuals are good parents.

Did you see this one?:…

Yep, bad all over. I don't see how these parents can live with themselves.
I can see one person being batshit crazy enough to cage a 5 year old child in a crib, but two people? How do two people manage to miss out on the most basic humane responses?
"He went to church and everything."

Oh well then....
Do more than weep. They deserve it.
@5 my thought precisely...
I love that the reporters always manage to find some neighbor that says some variation of "He always seemed normal/quiet/nice/christian. We never suspected he was a rapist/murderer/wife beater."

Do the broadcast editors sit at their desks saying, "We got another murder. You, go find a clueless neighbor for tonight's broadcast."? Like, without the opinion of some neighbor who knows nothing about anything, the story just wouldn't be complete.
Thanks for posting all of these, and the Youth Pastor Watch, You are one of the few people at all that will regularly share these stories.
This story has been kicking around since April 30 when I posted about it at my gorgeous blog...that you are all invited to check out:…
@5: That would be enough for Mike Huckabee.
@8: It makes me want to find a sketchy house inhabited by people who never seem to enter or leave, rent a house down the block, and, when the inevitable happens, be that guy to tell the press "Oh, they always seemed like such a nice heteronormative Christian couple. I'd never have suspected that they were running an international black market raccoon weaponization ring."

But this story is disgusting.
@1 well, gay people usually have to actually want to have kids unlike a lot of straight people who end up being parents. they can't just get drunk and have a child by accident, you know.
I'm a glutton for punishment today, because I scrolled down to the comments, and one of the first ones was "This is what happens when Virginia becomes a blue state and votes for the Dems."

Well, at least she wasn't aborted. Imagine how awful that would have been.
You forgot the best part: Even though "every child deserves a mother and a father," our AG has repeatedly defended the rights of single people to legally adopt children in Virginia. So much for that argument.
This shit makes me fucking sick to my stomache...... Why do these people have kids?? How could NOBODY know what was going on? I just don't fucking get it....Those poor children.....Someone should lock the parents in a cage, starve them and leave them in a dirty diaper for a few years.....and give the kids to a couple who will love and adore them - gay or straight - who cares? as long as the kids are loved and taken care of.
Actually "gay" people raising kids usually got them the old fashioned way,
by having sex with someone of the opposite sex.
Weird, isn't it...

Frank Lombard being an exception, of course....
and, yeah, this is just business as usual in Gomorrah
Well going to church means that Jesus forgives him for all of his sins. He will still go to Heaven.
I sure as hell didn't vote for either of them. I was happy with the former governor here that was a Democrat! Even the one before that!

I like the idea of a book. This and the youth pastors or religious posts. Perhaps an all-in-one book Volume 1 of X ;)

Go Dan!
Finding out that someone goes to church gives me more reason to suspect them of being a torturing murderer, not less.
so disturbing.
@8 & 13
These individuals portray themselves as normal so they can keep doing their deeds. If you're a pothead, you're not going to knowingly give off a 'pothead vibe' at work because you don't want to raise any suspicions.

Would you say the same thing about the news reports of people who unexpectedly commit suicide? A good share of those stories have 'close friends' of the victim who say pretty much the same thing.
It's also obviously better to have a fetus live to birth and then be subjected to this sort of treatment than it is for that fetus to die as a fetus because the woman terminates her pregnancy. Just think, that child found buried in the back yard might have missed out on hir short, abuse-filled life if sie had been killed as a non-cognizant non-sentient fetus, and that would have been a tragedy. Life is always better than death, and heterosexual couples are categorically better than homosexual couples as parents. A strong case for banning abortion and same-sex parenting both. Thank you for your tireless efforts to justify the Religious Right's legislative agenda around families and reproduction, Dan.

@4: That's what I always wonder. The only reason I can see for abusing a child like that is living-in-a-radically-different-reality insanity or straight-up sadism; maybe people with similar delusions self-select for marriages? Or one partner develops Stockholm Syndrome?
@26: "'Consul,' remarked the detective, dogmatically, 'great robbers always resemble honest folks. Fellows who have rascally faces have only one course to take, and that is to remain honest; otherwise they would be arrested off-hand. The artistic thing is, to unmask honest countenances; it's no light task, I admit, but a real art.'"
(Around the World In Eighty Days)

I think Dan is already collecting some very sound arguments against *all* the anti-gay rhetoric in government. I'm actually surprised he hasn't already finished the book that will blast their bullshit to smithereens and unmask what it *really* is.
I can only imagine that the mental torture would be increased if not only were your parents psycho's, they were also gay. that'd make me kill my own shit. hard.

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