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This reminds me of the way straight teachers often have photos of their spouses and/or children on their desks, but if a gay teacher did that (in the unlikely event they'd feel safe enough to be out at school) he'd be accused of "advertising" his "lifestyle," and forcing the children to think about sex. I wonder how they think the straight teachers' kids entered the world?
Speaking of straight teachers, did you hear about the gal in Texas? The married gal with three kids whose husband is away on military duty? The same gal that teaches English and is the girls basketball coach??

Yeah, her! She is being charged for having an orgy with 5 of her teenage male students.

She may do some time but she still can get divorced and marry and divorce each and every one of her boyfriends if she wants...even while she is locked up...because that's Texas!…
Not to mention, on "family" programs, like The 700 Club, they are constantly talking about gays. (Mostly blaming us for terrorist attacks, and natural disasters) So what's upsetting Nance is not really that the subject of gay people was on TV, it's that gay people weren't being demonized while her child watched.
@3 Yeah, exactly! To fundamentalist Christian parents, it's fine to turn on TBN and hear some TV preacher going on and on and on about gays and gay sex...because they're only saying negative things.

It's like the whole "if we allow gay marriage then it will lead to people marrying animals" thing. So it's OK for them to talk openly about man-horse sex around their kids (which is also biblically prohibited) as long as it's part of bashing the gays? Not to mention that well-adjusted people do not spend that much time thinking about sex with animals, but who would ever accuse religious fundamentalists of being well-adjusted?
I've always thought those purity ring covenants with fathers and daughters were obscenely disgusting. E.g.
Brilliant points, Hernandez @4
So Freud was right...?
Except Freud didn't say daddies want to fuck their daughter. And you're suppose to get over this before you even know what sex actually is.
I grew up around Concerned Women for America and AFA types (actually still share mutual facebook friends with the president of CWfA), and for all of their worry about the children, I didn't learn about any of the stuff they're worried about from TV, I learned it from *them*.

I'm pretty sure it's not normal for a young teenage girl growing up in the pre-internet early '90s to know about fisting or watersports or scat play or really any sort of kink, but I did, because *they* wouldn't stop talking about it. In great detail. A lot. Never mind that there were kids in the room while they were rambling on about all the horrible things they thought were going to pollute children's minds.

To say it was bizarre is an understatement.
American Idol is an odd show to let your children watch if you're concerned about your children hearing about gay people. I wonder how she felt about the season with Adam Lambert. I would've expected that season to put an end to her viewership.

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