Lost in all the talk about how professional initiative monger Tim Eyman's latest for-profit venture, I-1125 (PDF), would severely limit the ability of the state to raise revenue via tolls is the Kemper Freeman Easter egg hidden within the measure's tall grass:

NEW SECTION. Sec. 3. State government, the department of transportation, and other agencies may not transfer or use gas-tax- funded or toll-funded lanes on state highways for non-highway purposes.

Of course, that is a section specifically designed to block the use of I-90's center lanes for Sound Transit's East Link light rail crossing. It's what Freeman's lawyers argued and lost in court, and it no doubt helped inspire Freeman to donate $25,000 to I-1125, the campaign's largest contribution to date (if you don't count the indecipherable transfers from Eyman's other committee).

Yeah sure, by severely hampering the ability of the state to raise adequate revenues via tolls, I-1125 could postpone or even kill the replacement of the 520 floating bridge. But as long as the measure also kills light rail expansion to his beloved Bellevue, I guess Freeman would consider that a small price to pay.