We love cops, we write in this week's issue. It turns out that many of you commenters love cops too. Here's one testimonial by Molecule:

I was driving up from Olympia during rush hour on an extremely rainy day, driving fast lane when I had a blow-out in my rear tire. I swerved and nearly hit the center median, and only barely was able to maintain control of my car. I was panicking, not sure how I was going to get my car over three lanes of traffic when I see flashing lights and hear the magic words, "Pull over the side, I'll stop traffic." He stops traffic, and I am able to hobble my poor car over to the side. He follows me and I expect a lecture about something, not sure what, I was so freaked out. He just motions me to open my trunk, and without a single word, proceeds to CHANGE MY TIRE in pouring rain alongside the freeway. I was so grateful, and always share this story when people try to tell me that the police are mean and corrupt.

And here's one by watchout5, who was apparently in or near the house during the Capitol Hill massacre:

Steve Leonard is my officer of the decade. He was the officer who responded to the shots fired March 26th 2006, 'the capitol hill massacre'. A medal doesn't even begin to describe what I, and about 90% of my friends, owe this guy. His quick response, his words meant more that day than he will ever know. Thank you Steve, thank you.

Is there a cop you have loved? Add your own story HERE.