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Maybe what makes them happy is that they are kept out of zoos.
Hmm. Those dirty hippies and their love-ins were a threat to the establishment after all? Who knew?
Anyone who has never seen animals in a zoo fuck hasn't been paying very close attention.
From a purely functional point of view, as I know this will draw some small controversy, Chimpanzees are superior to Bonobos. They, that is the chimps, possess merely enough obsession with sex tied with a ridiculously short copulatory period to produce a fairly high number of military bodies. Add to that, they have a fucking bad attitude, just like people. I would feel more comfortable alongside an 800-pound gorilla than the smallest of the mean apes. Gorillas are nobler creatures than our closest cousins.

And this is a nerdversation if I ever heard one, but if it came to competition between Bonobos and Chimpanzees, you would find the latter would have very little difficulty pushing their matriarchal cousins clearly aside. Follow to this:…

It is amusing to note chimpanzees march in agmine.
"I'm too sexy for your circus, too sexy for your zoo, too sexy for your drive-thru wildlife paaaarrrrk."

"I'm a Bonobo, you know what I mean, when I do my sexy thing in the zoo enclosure."
I don't know, brah. They keep lions in zoos, and lions will commonly show everyone their testicles, due to the way they hold their tails while standing.
They have bonobos at the Milwaukee County Zoo. From what I remember they seemed to be having less sex than the Orangutans across the way.
have bonobos at our local zoo, too. it's funny to sit and watch the parents haul the kiddies away when they start running around with boners.
There are bonobos in the Detroit Zoo. They have had them for decades.
the picture with the Wikipedia article on bonobos is from the Cincinnati zoo.
I think this is one thing wrong with our society: I've known a number of parents who will not allow their children to watch kissing on tv or anything with a hint of sexual content, but will not bat an eye at allowing their young children to watch violent shows and movies.

I'm glad the bonobos will not suffer the same fate as other creatures, but the reason is disturbing.
I saw a bonobo whacking off in Berlin Zoo.
I've seen bonobos in several big US zoos.
@5 lol
BTW, that video was great. Thank you.

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