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Great speech, but he still spent enough money to give those GOP Senators the funding edge in several competitive races and he's made it clear that opposition to equality is not cause for him to stop doing that.

ON THE OTHER HAND, we don't know what he's doing behind the scenes. This better be good.
Semi OT I'm visiting NYC this summer for the first time and I hope crazy antics happen on the subway.
he wants to be preznit.
Thank you, Mr. Bloomberg. I hope others will see the wisdom in equality and make the choice to hop on that train with you.
Spent over a hundred million of his own $17 billion fortune to win this latest term. Think about it: Bloomberg will surely go down in history as the least odious tycoon mayor New York will ever have.
@5 I fell totally in love with him when he tore out the private offices of all the City's department chiefs and forced them to sit all together in an open-office "bullpen" with him. And then, he took away the lights and sirens from hundreds of civilian agency execs, and street parking permits from hundreds more. It was instantly clear that he was the anti-Giuliani. Where Giuliani acted like a royal court, dishing out duchies, Bloomberg started out by taking perks and privileges away from the people's employees, putting his appointees more on a par with the civil servants they supervise.

Fucking awesome.

And now this. If I was any prouder, I'd pop.
I just got a chance to watch the video. I've never been fortunate enough to go to New York but I see that they really do just do things differently back there, don't they!?!? Loved the high heels but I wondered why they stopped when passengers got on? Too crowded or the transit po po?
@6, a fascinating guy, and definitely one to watch. I was amazed at his razor-thin reelection victory over a guy who'd spent 90% less, Bill Thompson, who's been vocally advocating marriage equality for years, and who intends to run again in 2013.
That kind of subway performance art is cute, unless you are actually a commuter. Which is why this sort of thing happens almost exclusively on the L train.
New York is not a state where anything happens first, because the dysfunctional state government makes it hard to get anything done - but it is usually a state where things happen fairly early, because it is quite blue. It wouldn't surprise me to see marriage equality fail this year, but I would be quite surprised if it still hasn't happened four years from now.
Thank you for posting this.
Excuse me, what? I was distracted by some smoking hot boy pole-dancing on a subway.
Damn, I love the subway.
@12: When I read your comment, my eyes accidentally conflated "smoking" and "pole-dancing" into "pole-smoking".
venomlash, that happens to me all the time. The eyes conflated part, not the pole-smoking part. I read a post earlier as Santorum's awkward squirt instead of spurt. So much for that Evelyn Wood speed reading class I took 25 years ago.
Damn, that pole dancing dude is hot...but I bet this kind of thing would be kinda irritating if you were actually living in NY and trying to commute.
What tramp-stamp? I went back and looked for it, (well I would have gone back anyway...) and I didn't see a tramp-stamp.
Bloomberg is not now a Repugnican. He started out as a Dem, got elected mayor as a Repugnican, then became an Independent. Last I heard, anyway.
@18, he quit the Republican Party in '07 and rejoined in '09.

So, this Republican is more liberal than Obama. Amazing.
@19 Meh. Bloomberg may talk more liberally than Obama, but Obama got DADT repealed. And why can't Bloomberg make his mind up about his party affiliation? Why does he want to be associated with those Neanderthals if he's so progressive?
@9 the extra-long distance between Bedford and First Ave while the train goes through the tunnel under the East River makes a convenient window for this kind of stuff to happen.
@19 Wikipedia says Bloomberg is currently an Independent, not a Republican.…
Tramp stamps are lower, just above the pants line. They are also called ass antlers.
Let's not confuse a MUB for a tramp-stamp. Please.
In any event, the tattoo IS ugly and trashy, like just about all tattoos in the states. They ruin or greatly diminish the aesthetic quality of otherwise attractive people. Is this person dancing on the subway mentally ill? Wants to get on Tosh.0, apparently.
Here is a link to the video of Mayor Bloomberg's speech -…
This is perhaps the greatest speech in American politics for half a century, or at least within the 21st century thus far. Way to go Michael Bloomberg, you expressed yourself with eloquence and care. To me these words provide a modern definition for how the government should interface with its citizens, and your call to action is greatly appreciated.
Here is the video of the speech. As a proud New Yorker I love these moments.…

Why can't something like that video happen in Chicago?

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