Russian authorities once again banned Moscow's pride parade. LGBT activists were denied a permit—but anti-gay skinheads were given a permit. Russian LGBT activists, along with international supporters (including Choi), marched in defiance of the ban on a gay pride demonstration. The police stood by and did nothing while skinheads—some working with the police—beat some marchers, the police then swarmed and arrested other LGBT marchers. You can see the police tackle Choi in the video above. LGBT activists, some skinheads, and a few bystanders were all swept up in the arrests, and they all wound up in cells and courtrooms together. Choi has published an open letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling on her to condemn state-sponsored violence against LGBT people in Russia. The letter is here. Please add your signature.

Much more coverage—including video and photos shot inside the paddy wagons that Russian police used to haul activists away, and Choi's fascinating account of the conversations he had with anti-gay skinheads—over at Americablog.