Come on, Chris, you can be Number 1!

Just spit in Seattle's face one more time!
I can vouch for the fact that I and everyone I know in Ohio are contributing to the tanking of Kasich. He is despised by anyone who has ever been in a union (which includes a lot of republicans in this state.)
Gregoire is in dire straights because she is nothing more than a humorless download of strident, hectoring talking points. Visionless and the perfect embodiment of the two-dimensional Washington State pol.
Gregoire seems more a victim of circumstance rather than someone who actively made "wrong moves".

Still..change is good and Rob McKenna would be a breathe of fresh air in Oly.

Too lazy to get out and vote, but eager enough to repond to polls.

Next time, save your energy to vote for liberals instead of using it to complain about conservatives.
I know that those GOP guys are not good people, but a lot of this is that pesky 9% unemployment and down, down state revenues. Governors are more popular when times are better.
The morons of Washington state did it to themselves by voting against taxes that would have helped avoid the savage cuts that occurred in this latest budget.
@5 Hard to get motivated with the shitty job fake liberals do.

@7 I agree. I've met these morons who told me they didn't want to pay extra on their fucking soda pop but recently lost their job due to state cuts.

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