Nobody ever accused the Republicans of playing nice. They're rotten to the core. And you've got to fight fire with fire.
So, out of curiosity, is it illegal in WI for them to run a fake Democrat to split the vote or is it just sleazy and immoral?
I don't think this is going to end up happening. There's a lot of anti-Walker rage in La Crosse, and Kapanke has become too much of a pariah there. Any candidate who tries to get between him and his recall may as well jump in front of a train.
Sean Duffy's wife shines some light on why her family-- that makes hundreds of thousands every year-- is "struggling to make ends meet":

"Every year my family throws a sushi party at Christmas... I fly in the sushi from somewhere else-- I live in Wisconsin, so I can't get it any other way."

She also adds:

"I cook up a pot of miso soup and I steam some edamame"

The best thing about it? It doesn't involve cheese:

"Probably the best thing about it is that everybody is so tired of stuffing and cheesy hors d'œuvre and everything that is so fattening"

Has anyone see or hear GOP play straight? They are the enemy of the state. They want to generate more slaves in this country. The whites they have generated as slaves in south are not enough. They are going for everybody. Low wages, temp work. Next ten years the college grads will start at $35,000. Look at south. Less educated, lower wages, more bankrupt middle class. They give them their Christ and their guns. They are happy.
Well, we the people in north are not going to put up with it. We don't need guns and our Christ is in our hearts not in mega churches. We see what is going on. We are smarter and more aware of things. South is seeing America like it was in 60s. All the factories are running in full capacity. No unemployment, wages are good, no debth of the government and so on. They need to wake up. We are borrowing $$$$$ from China to run the US Government.

Seven Seas

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