I love the term "weregay." I think I knew a couple of weregays in college.
LOL!!! "Sodomy and Cocktails" Best name ever for a gay bar...

Great clip Dan!
None of my gay friends have gay powers, dammit.
Is that young man really gay? Because he's doing an amazing job with the role.
yeah, my coming out was completely unfunny too.
@5- ooooo BURN! Dick.

Anywho- I love, and their video shorts, while hit or miss, can often leave me in stitches.

Thanks for linking to it Dan :-)
Yes Dan, but this one explains nearly 50% of your listening audience:
crap!! and i just dyed my hair blonde and was all planning on wearing this rocking neckerchief out tonight... to only now find out @ this late hour that it's totally TV gay. omg. can't have that.

i guess it's the old standard of assless chaps, tilted leather 50's motorcycle cap and riding crop then, look out first Thursday Artwalk here I come.
So large numbers of eople think that skit is clever/funny/well-written? I guess now I understand how SNL stays on the air decade after decade.
Oh. What's with the rainbow then? O.o

It was basically a bunch of jokes in rapid fire succession. SNL would have to, you know, write jokes to make that work.
Sodomy and cocktails? Where?
@9 - you are under the assumption that something has to be well-written or particularly clever to be funny. I thought the skit was amusing. Not the best they've ever done, but fun and speaks in an obvious way to many people who have experienced an albeit-less-over-the-top version of the denial attempted in this video.

In a sense all good humor needs to be is passably written as long as the people who are viewing it can relate to some aspect of what they are viewing. There's a reason why "it's funny 'cause it's true!" is a common cliche to say in concern with humor.
I think Dan readers would also really like SMBC's "Slippery Slope":…
...except, of course, that I fail at linking to it.
I also loved the weregay. Gee, I'm honestly considering letting the powers of the full moon bring out the gay in me every February of a leap year...
As a fashion backward faggot in desperate need of a haircut, I'm going to love explaining that I'm gay, not TV gay.
Wait... you mean those Tom of Finland pictures aren't accurate?

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