Here's yesterday's insane letter from GLAAD to the FCC. Now check out the insane letter that the head of GLAAD, Jarrett Barrios, sent to the FCC back in January of last year:


The letter GLAAD wanted withdrawn from the public record—which you can read here (scroll down)—seems to be arguing in favor of net neutrality. (It's not exactly clear.) Well, guess who's against net neutrality: GLAAD's BFFs at AT&T. So...

Someone outside GLAAD was maliciously submitted a fake letter to the FCC supporting net neutrality and forged the president of GLAAD's signature... or someone at GLAAD signed a letter in support of net neutrality to the FCC on behalf of the head of GLAAD because the organization, like almost all other lefty and progressive orgs, supported net neutrality... or GLAAD flipped on net neutrality because that's what their BFF's at AT&T wanted and they wanted to stuff their past support of net neutrality down the memory hole.

Which is it, GLAAD?

And the letter to the FCC that GLAAD wants withdrawn opens with this: "I would like to weigh in once again on the net neutrality debate that is currently taking place at the Commission and in our country." That means there were other letters to the FCC from GLAAD on this topic. What did GLAAD's other letters to the FCC about net neutrality say? Were they also withdrawn? Who signed those other letters? Were they signed by the same person who signed the January 15, 2010, request-to-withdraw or were they signed by the person who signed the January 4, 2010, letter than was the subject of GLAAD's request-to-withdraw?

Has GLAAD conducted an investigation into who forged Jarrett Barrios' signature on that letters to the FCC and why?

What the fuck is going on, GLAAD?