To be fair, even if it's 46%, that still means 54% (most) haven't had anal sex, so the author may be technically correct. That said, the spirit of the sentence is still, "yucky gays with their weirdo sex!" which is lame as hell.
Having "tried" anal sex, which is what was asked, is vastly different from having it regularly.
Have you even posted a column on the best way to ensure the absence of Santorum, Dan? I can't recall. A reminder could be in order...
What a wonderful reason to post a link to Kim's admiring, supportive namecheck!
keep dicks out of your ass.
And of course social conservatives like Santorum will simply point to this study as further proof that "Teh Gay Lifestyle" is having a "negative impact" on our culture and morals.

Because, as we all know, up until just a few years ago, only teh Gays had teh buttsecks...
"an acute talent for tapping into the homophobic imagination of social conservatives. “Man on child,” “man on dog,” incest, “priests with 3-year-olds,” POLYGAMY, the welfare of children, the decline of Western civilization—if it’s in the vocabulary of anti-gay hysteria, Santorum has been there, done that...."


who would have guessed that Rick and Danny are bedmates in the Polygaphobia sleepover?
So there are 20X as many straights as homos having anal sex.

And yet homos are 88X as likely to get AIDS.

how cum, Danny?
And remember, adults: If you're doing politics right, there's no rick santorum!!!
Remember Mouseketeers,
Homosexual Sex is 100% Safe, Natural and Normal!

Just don't forget your lube.
and plastic sheeting.
and condoms.
and rubber gloves.
and a bottle of bleach....
@5: You have a point, I suppose.
Fancy, that: Scarleteen's Heather Corrina just answered some anal sex questions from straight people over at RH Reality Check yesterday.

oh yeah,
don't forget the enema, either....
oh, and goggles.
for sure remember goggles.
you don't want your Beloved's shit splattering into your eye, do you?


forgot trash bags.

you're going to want to bag up the whole crime scene when you're done and leave it with an infectious waste disposal team.
Of course, all is based on the assumption you've spent several weeks with assorted butt plugs.
preparing for your Normal Natural lovemaking.
Damn straight, you're doing it wrong, if there is santorum.

As a gay male, I make a point of being sooooo clean, I could fart soap bubbles.
"And considering that straight people outnumber gay men by a factor of 10, 20, or 40, depending whose estimates you believe, most of the buttfucking that goes on out there is straight buttfucking. ..."

So there are 40X as many straights and half are doing anal means 20X as much straight anal as homosexual anal.
And yet homosexuals account for 57% of all new HIV?
And 20% of sexually active homosexuals have HIV? Compared to 0.7% of heterosexuals?

Why is that Dan?

please explain.....
@ 18,

Are you in favor of alligator-crocodile marriage?

If not, please explain.
I find myself wondering: What percentage of homophobic trolls who obsessively post on Slog about anal sex have anal sex?
Any guesses?

0% It's all 1 troll and he's clearly a sad basement dwelling closet case dreaming of Dan's cock and then hating himself for it.
straight people have Anal Sex, Danny-
how do you think you were conceived?

sorry girls, the troll isn't giving autographs today.....
Shut up, @18!*

I'm straight so what do I know but I bet most anal sex acts are performed by hard-fucking gay couples who (I assume?) have anal sex much more often than their more numerous but lazy, weak, underachieving and vaginally-privileged straight couple counterparts.

Yeah. I'm betting the gays still win because we straights are a buncha dilettantes, no better than anal tourists. Am I right? Maybe get Golob to run a statistical analysis of all these anal fucks? With graphs and funny clip art?

*Assuming (ASSuming!) I read your post correctly and you intended to drop a homophobic innuendo about the "unhealthiness" of the gay lifestyle. If I misread your post, @18, and you're not a jackass, then I'm sorry I told you to shut up.
#9 ftw
@25 oh yeah for sure. that was great. Yay @9!
@18: I've explained to you before the fallacy of claiming that 20% of homosexuals (sexually active or no) have HIV. About 5-7% of male homosexuals have HIV based on nationwide numbers (rather than in 21 cities only), and the numbers are far lower for lesbians than for heterosexuals. But you don't really care about the facts, do you? All that matters is the Truth, amirite?
inb4 b&
gosh we don't remember
could you run the numbers one more time for us?
@27 I guess lesbians are truly God's chosen people.
I feel sorry for all persons wiht the last name of Santorum. Too bad Dan didn't think of those ramifications when he started that site.
If there's any kind of santorum involved, you're doing it wrong. Equally applicable to politics and sex. And anything else for that matter!
@ 30 -- they're already going to be associated with the person anyway. I'd rather be thought of as santorum than Santorum.
@30, actually, that very issue was discussed way back when we were just contemplating re-imagining his name. Turns out 'Santorum' is an extremely uncommon name, so relatively few other people will be tarnished by the former senator's misdeeds and well deserved negative reputation. His own family, of course, but it isn't my fault they're related to a raging homophobic asshole.
@5 - I'd rather keep dicks out of Slog.
yeah, not to be nitpicky, but i will be: "tried" is a lot different from "do it regularly."
dan has a super great point - straight people do anal too. and straight guys fantasize about it like crazy. but that doesn't mean that they are doing it very frequently. So when you say "most of the buttfucking that goes on" you are talking about the AMOUNT of buttfucking...and I bet gays still have the straights beat on the amount bit.
@ 5,7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22 and 23:

If I didn't know better, I'd suspect that somebody has an obessive interest in this topic.

if homosexuality only occurred in women, gay marriage would've been legal in every state for the last 20 years.

notice how when the trolls obsess about gay sex, it's the man-on-man stuff they can't stop talking about?
@30 - You've posted that same drivel on another thread - repeat yourself much?

Actually, it is Rick Santorum who should have kept his bigoted mouth shut, then those poor widdel future Santorums wouldn't be saddled with the fallout from dumbass Rick.

If you're gonna complain about the ramifications, take it to the beginning. Not the end.
@18 Oh look, . signed up for a new account.
I straight and I'm happy to say I just had anal w/ my bi GF the other day. The first time between us and my first time in a few years. Hooray for straight anal sex. No santorum for us. :)
I'm a straight woman, and my SO and I had anal sex before we ever had vaginal.
@ 17 - I'm not so sure. There have been a number of times in my life where I've had messes to clean up on my butt AND my tummy. If that ain't "doing it right", I don't know what is.
I'm a straight woman and I peg my SO every chance I get...
Wait, did I wander into the wrong thread here at the Slog?

My point - the poll didn't even stop to consider all those MALES who love receiving anal sex from their WOMEN...which qualifies as straight people having anal sex, too......
I'm dubious of the poll. I've never had anal sex nor do I want to. And, given what you have mentioned about women performing oral sex (evidently they are more reluctant) I am doubtful they would agree to anal, a riskier act.

Look, I don't doubt straights engage in it but I simply doubt it is that high of a percentage in the general population.
46% of women in any age group who admit to having had anal sex. First, who admit to it--there's still some amount of shaming that prevents women from being totally honest about their sexual experience. Given a reasonable margin of less then honest reporting, I think we can reasonably expect that the real number is at least a few percentage points higher. Second, 46% of women does not automatically equate to 46% of men. If 46% of women have had anal sex, I would expect that the percentage of straight men who have engaged in anal sex is higher. Males age 30-44 report 6-8 sexual partners, while women of the same age report 4 sexual partners (…) it stands to reason that the higher number of sexual partners equates to a higher instance of oportunity for anal sex. I think just these 2 factors push us past the 50% mark.

For those who say that trying anal isn't the same as engaging in anal, at what point does one stop being considered an anal tourist and become a local? Orgasm achieved through anal penetration (for women)? 12 instances of anal intercourse? 1x per week? Do you realize how ridiculous it sounds to say 'you may have tried anal, but you don't really count'?
Please tell me how it's possible to have regular anal sex while never encountering santorum.

Do you ram a bottlebrush up your ass before sex to keep things santorum-free? Use an enema every time? Keeping the externals squeaky clean doesn't ensure that there will be no fecal matter in the internal rectal canal, and I think using an enema every single time you want to fuck might break the mood just a liiiiitle bit.
@46: Part of it is lifestyle changes. Eating well (lots of fibre and stay well hydrated) and exercising regularly (particularly cardio) keeps most people's bodies in a good schedule. You want soft, but well-formed stools on a regular basis. If you regularly have stuff that requires straining to get out, or stuff that's super soft, you're more likely to have leftover faecal matter in your rectal canal.

If things are going well down there, a quick washup can often be enough. Also, if things are usually good in the bowel region, you can often tell when something's hinky and either avoid anal or use an enema as needed.
Mrs. DP
A little physiology. Unless you have excrement in your rectal canal, which your body will let you know if that is the case (with the urge to go), there is normally little excrement in the rectum of a healthy person with a good diet. That is not where it "waits", so to speak. In fact, if your bodily functions move excrement down from the colon into the rectum in preparation for it to leave the body and you DON'T have a bowel movement (we've all been there), a reverse peristalsis will actually move it back up into the colon.
So it's not like you are plowing through s**t every time you fuck.
That's how.
Anal sex is not for germaphobes or clean freaks. You can keep your bottlebrush.
My cycle determines whether I'm into anal sex. Pre-ovulation/ovulation I'm all about getting my husband's dick up my ass. Other times, I'm just not interested. The rule is, however, if he comes before I do, then he has to eat the santorum from my ass (no lube, just spit, pre-cum, shit, and spooge). We're a happy dom/sub couple, so it all works out.
Someone with very loose stools or very hard stools can have a little left "within reach" at times. That's why I was saying regularly having healthy stools matters.
@49 - why no lube?
@51 1) It's slimy. 2) It costs money. 3) It's not "natural" enough for me. I don't want to have a partially used, non-natural, reminder of spent money and slimy-ickiness in my nightstand all the time. Anyway, husband has a significant amount of pre-cum/prostatic fluid leakage, and combined with my own saliva there is plenty of lubrication for quality butt sex.
ok, thanks.
@44 Based on anecdote and nothing but (cough), the differential, anal play being viewed considerably less favorably than oral, is more a matter of age than anything elsel. The younger the woman involved, the more likely that they will have a) tried anal play and b) enjoy it.

So the anal gap is closing ... or something like that.
@35, you're forgetting the lesbians, everyone forgets us, even the trolls ignore as #37 pointed out!! Of course our stellar record of serial monogamy would skew his "stats" so I'm sure that's why he chooses to ignore us, like many phobes.

Anyway, I know they exist but I have known only one lesbians who engaged in anal sex in my 10 years of being out and she was dating an anti-anal girl so they weren't even engaging in it. I've heard of a few fingers in butts but that's about it. Also, isn't there a minority percentage of gay men who don't engage in anal. If you factor in the lesbians and the no-anal gays, I think the largest amount of butt sex is still being done by straights.
2/bigyaz: Having "tried" anal sex, which is what was asked, is vastly different from having it regularly.

Absolutely. I'm sure the percentage of women who have it regularly is very small, much smaller than the percentage who have tried it because they're curious or, much more likely, to appease the desire of their husband/boyfriend. If women were as into it as men are, I'm sure a majority of hetero couples would be having it on a regular basis.

This makes perfect sense too. I doubt anal sex is uncomfortable for any straight man (assuming he's not being pegged) whereas it is painful or uncomfortable for many women.
@56 Roma,
Agree with you completely. I remain dubious of Dan's poll conclusion.
@51 Plus, saliva is a great way to introduce varieties of Herpes normally found only in the mouth into my rectum!
Thanks lark.

On another note, I just read a comment of yours on a thread about the South Park rapist/murderer. I'm like you in that I'm a reluctant supporter of capital punishment. When I was young I was in favor of it, then I became opposed to it, and now I'm in-between. I think it should only be used in cases where the person convicted is clearly the right person (DNA evidence + other evidence + eyewitnesses) to avoid the horrible outcome of executing an innocent person but I'm comfortable having no moral problem with executing someone, like the South Park rapist/murderer, who is a vile human being who has viciously taken the life of another person. This is one area where I agree with Muslims. Unlike the argument of western liberal opponents of all capital punishment, they believe that executing a murderer does not put you on the same level as a person who has murdered. They believe that Allah condones execution as justice.
What What, in the butt!!
@59 Roma,
Yep, that's about my stand on Capital Punishment as well. I like to think it should be used VERY rarely.
@58 LOL. We're both negative for herpes, but I'm sure there are any number of other viruses that my husband and I exchange. (This is what I get for posting anonymously...)

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