Glad to see our beloved Mayor wants to protect the single family housing in the rest of the neighborhood instead of letting it be infilled to 4 stories as currently zoned and pushing out local residents.

Besides, I was listening to five 20-something Roosevelt grads and they'd love to see the crack dens gets replaced with apartment buildings near the station.
@1, do the police know?
That neighborhood needs a Walgreens, immediately.
"348 new housing units and 215,209 square feet of commercial space..."

Why such an imbalance?
Between housing and commercial?
Do we really need the equivalent of two Costcos in that neighborhood? (Much as I love Costco.)
David, I see you're all over the internet right now. 200,000 square feet of commercial is probably including replacement for the QFC, which is being removed for construction.
I've been wondering why PCC settled that deal to open up a new store a few dozen blocks away from the Aurora location on the other side of Greenlake.

Lots more people living over there soon. Smart move.
@4: "Why such an imbalance?
Between housing and commercial?"

Because it's more efficient to refit the existing commercial space for commercial use rather than convert it?
If 200,000sf is for the QFC and QFC cannot get get the zoning for that retail space, then they wont be moving in. Either they'll stay where they are and upgrade their existing building (which would be a major disruption to customers).
Don't Manhattanize Seattle. Why did I move here anyhow?
@9: If density and central planning bothers you, you're correct in that you made a very big mistake in moving to a city.
@9 If you don't like density (and the high rents that come with it) you can always move to the suburbs.
@11, density does not cause high rents, it causes lower rents by increasing housing supply. Sure, the new buildings will have high rent because they are new, but they will lead to lower overall rents in the wider area. This is basic economics.
They should do it like Thorton Place.…

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