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religion is bad.
people who do religion are bad.
religion should be against the law.
everyone should have to be a humanist.
This is probably the one thing about SLOG that I absolutely love, is Dan's reporting of religious zealots, caught or convicted of sexual crimes against a minor.
Don't mention it!
It's a labor of love.
Ever since his years as a Catholic altar boy nothing get Danny off like naughty clergy.....
"Computer-aided solicitation of a minor"? Really? Are there telephone-aided solicitations? Gun-aided ones? If I manage one with some unlisted aid, do I get away with it? Is it better or worse than good old fashioned (boring?) solicitation?

I despair for this country.
Douglas Randall Pope is only 31?
@1 - Glad you finally get it!
@5: My thought exactly. He looks like he's an unhealthy 55.
Damn, Dan is Slogging like mad today.

Finally, the Slog pet troll's behavior is explained by its molestation at the hands of a mildly-irritating internet troll with a propensity for diminutive nicknames whose (presumable) sole source of attention other than that of the children he molested was the occasional direct engagement of newsgroup/forum/blog commentors! Jumping to molestation as a behavioral explanation without any reason has to be projection, right?
As much as these people are despicable, I don't think you can blame religion.

Pedophilia is pedophilia and religion doesn't suddenly ignite a latent pathology. These people are sick anyway, and they're just hiding in religion.
Or child neglect, as the case may be.

As much as it's gratifying to watch Christians do horrid things, you can't blame Christianity.
@9 The blame goes to the religous groups who feel that their faith makes them so superior that they do not need to conduct background checks when some clearly skeevy dude shows up and asks to work with their children unsupervised.
Just because someone says, "I love Jesus" doesn't mean he isn't a creep.

This is main reason behind YPW, imho. Yes, there are pedophiles and creeps in many walks of like. When one of them shows up at a non-sectarian childcare center, a background check is required, which should prevent many possible crimes. A background check is more than, "When did you start loving Jesus sooooo much?"

Once again, the operative mindset of these groups is simply, "Jesus makes me better than other people."
Hi, off-topic here, but I feel like maybe I was the only commenter today to notice the temporary change to Dan's by-line, which was curious of course, but Dan's bio blurb may have also been changed during that period (or else he has incredible self-deprecating humor) and hasn't been revised yet if so. Just a heads up!
@11 I hadn't thought of it that way, but that's a fairly reasonable argument.
sorry, figuring out how to post a link on team from a Christian school in Chicago (where their father is the elder-whatever), charged with molesting the lil kids. the Chicago Tribune.
@9,10,11 While that is a valid point on the lack of background checks, my understanding of Dan's point to these posts is to counter the Christian Right's "all homo's are pedaphiles and they're gonna rape your children!!!!!! Won't somebody please think of the Children!!!!"

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