Fresh from pounding nails into the hands and feet of Anthony Weiner, Megan McArdle asks this about Weiner's wife:

I'm pretty sure that most of us are not okay with our husbands sending racy photos to strangers, or engaging in phone sex with same within weeks of our wedding day. And if she's totally okay with this, how come she hasn't said so? Because it would be embarrassing? But if there's nothing wrong about what Weiner did, or about having a relationship in which the spouse has said it's okay to do what Weiner did, then why shouldn't she just say so?

Lots of the sanctimonious, sexphobic, clueless dopes crucifying Anthony Weiner have claimed that they're speaking on behalf of his poor, defenseless wife—and these same dopes would turn on Weiner's wife instantly if she came out and said that she knew, didn't care, and wanted everyone to back the fuck off and back the fuck out. Mrs. Weiner would then be guilty of the unforgivable crime of undermining what marriage means to Megan McArdle.

UPDATE: I think it's unlikely that Mrs. Weiner doesn't give a shit, for the record, but there are wives out there who don't give a shit about their husband's online activities—as well as wives who engage in online sexting, texting, flirting, and Tweeting themselves. And one day a sex scandal is going to break and instead of playing the stoic victim, a la Mrs. Vitter and Mrs. Spitzer and Mrs. Clinton, the wife is going to join her "disgraced" husband at the press conference and they're going to announce that they have an open relationship. And Megan's head will explode.