Michelle Bachmann has raised 23 foster children, Tim Pawlenty is less of a serious candidate and more of an orchid, Herman Cain believes you can solve any problem if you surround yourself with the right toppings, once again Michelle Bachmann has raised 23 foster children, Ron Paul says he would "do much less" than the government has already done helping homeowners through the housing crisis, Mitt Romney does surprisingly well at seeming sane and human given that he is a hologram, Michelle Bachmann would just like to say for a third time that she has 23 foster children as well as five biological children of her own which is a total of 28 children, Newt Gingrich says you have to be careful hiring Muslims because sometimes Muslims who secretly want to kill Americans lie to you and you never know which kind of Muslim you're going to get, Rick Santorum is really into consistency, and CNN anchor John King's whimsical streak needs to be stopped.