While I am a huge fan, and rarely take issue with anything you write (even if I disagree), I felt compelled to respond to your reply to Worried Mom. First off, in your zeal to preach tolerance and encourage a world in which people are free to pursue their kinks to their heart's content, so long as consenting adults are involved (no problem, so far), you neglected to acknowledge that what a person might find totally hot or just fascinating at age 14, they might not care about at age 15, or 17, or 22. You may have been reluctant to send a message of "She will probably grow out of it," which makes sense, but c'mon: lots of 14-year-olds of both genders can get pretty obsessive and freaky about sex before their hormones calm down, and this MAY be the case here. She may be insanely curious about sneezing sex until the day she is up close and personal with the genitals of her preference on a person she likes, and sneezing might not be a priority anymore. Certainly, whatever outcome WM desires (and it seems clear she would prefer it stop), parental attempts to suppress or modify it would make it about 20 times hotter to any healthy adolescent.

Also, your recommendation that WM "stop reading" her daughter's online research is just not an option. Teenagers make too many mistakes on the internet (mistakes which, as you have acknowledged many times, might NEVER go away) to use it without full parental supervision.

Fan Anxiously Clarifying This

As a parent who monitors his child's online activities, FACT, I should have been clearer in my response to Worried Mom. I don't think she should stop checking on her kid's online activities altogether. But there's no need for WM to torture herself by continuing to read every last dirty sneezing story and FAQ sheet, and watching every dirty sneezing video, that she finds in her daughter's web browser history. Her daughter has an erotic interest—perhaps fleeting, perhaps not—in sneezing, that has been definitively established, and she's not the only one. WM should keep an eye out for any evidence that her daughter is placing or responding to personal ads or being approached by adult sneeze fetishists who either don't realize they're talking to a child or don't care. But endlessly verifying and reverifying that, yes, her daughter finds sneezing kinda hot isn't going to change anything or get WM anywhere—besides the looney bin.