You may have heard about the "The Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge" that's "dividing GOP hopefuls." It's a promise, if elected, to only appoint anti-choice justices, defund Planned Parenthood, and work to ban abortions in what could be interpreted as all instances—no exceptions for rape, incest, the health of the mother. Santorum signed, Bachman signed, Newt signed, Pawlenty signed, Paul signed. Romney and Cain haven't. They're both under pressure to cave and sign. Cain won't because he's not a serious candidate and ultimately won't have to because pretty soon he'll be out. But Romney will eventually cave & sign because that's how Romney rolls.

In response Jocelyn, one of the sharp folks blogging at the new Spreading Santorum site (check it out!), created the "The Abortion Pledge":

I pledge the following...

1. If I get pregnant before the age of 21, I will have an abortion.

2. If I know anyone who gets pregnant before the age of 21, I will strongly suggest that they have an abortion.

3. If I get pregnant while still pursuing my education and cannot feasibly financially support a child, I will have an abortion.

4. If I get pregnant and am a current heavy drug user, I will have an abortion.

5. If I get pregnant and discover that my unborn child has a defect that will cause him or her [to have] a short life of unbearable pain, I will have an abortion.

6. If I am in a situation where not terminating my pregnancy is likely to kill me, I will have an abortion.

7. If I am in any other situation where I feel like an abortion is the best course of action, I will have an abortion.

8. If I am in any of the aforementioned situations and opt not to have an abortion, I will remember that my choice would have been meaningless without the right to choose and will continue to defend that right.

9. If I have the ability, I will donate to Planned Parenthood and/or other organizations that defend a woman's right to choose.

Read about "The Abortion Pledge" at Spreading Santorum. Sign "The Abortion Pledge" by clicking here. (Donate to Planned Parenthood here.)