I'm just glad that she didn't express a kinship with Married with Children star Ted Bundy.
hahahaah. i have to eat shit for pennies a day, and it's waaaay better than having to read second-tier rightwing blogs. you job sucks worse than bachmann's credibility.
The National Review has this one right. It's not worth mentioning.
She gets elected President. She's on a trip overseas and she gets something horribly wrong and insults a government/country. That WOULD be big news and could really hurt diplomatic relations. A faux pas is one thing but she needs to know what she's talking about and if she can't get something like this right, is she really going to embarrass our country (and herself) later on?
@4: I think this is funny, but there are plenty of better reasons to loathe her.…

does a good job at covering why that is.
#2 FTW.
It's on the front page of, the San Francisco Chronicle's site right now:…
when people are total morons who constantly mix up concepts, ideas, places & people it turns out they often can't handle the demands of a job like the presidency.
Rob McKenna, just like that, is down by 3 points to Inslee.……

Ok, back to talking to each other about "them".
Also, its timely because a member of the right wing media asked her if she was a "flake" over the weekend. She said she was a serious candidate, but then flaked out on Monday.... These repeated gaffes demonstrate a pattern of behavior that is concernig for a presidential candidate.
I find it refreshing that we finally have a politician who is just being honest with who their real heros are.

So thumbs up Michelle, keep up the insanity...I mean brilliance !!!!
She says god talks to her, so she's apparently also a schizophrenic.
In before Raindrop starts concern trolling about these poor Republicans that are so easily mocked.

Also - I don't think they understand what the word "racist" means.
Gosh Paul, youโ€™re starting to froth in the mouth over this, arenโ€™t you?
this is one of those things where, yeah, we all know what she meant. and we don't really care that she slipped. but getting your most important pieces of local history wrong proves that you're going to get a LOT more wrong on an international stage. THAT is why this does deserve at least a little coverage.
@ 3, but is being mentioned, even in the dutch media (…), which isn't good news for an presidential hopeful.

Then by your reasoning Obama is unqualified for mixing up the living Medal of Honor recipient, SSGT Sal Giunta, with the posthumous recipient, SFC Jared Monti, last week. At Monti's home base, in front of his unit. Talk about a room temperature IQ.
John Wayne Gacy was a patriot. I am tired of this slander.
Actually, that "lefty hero" one is pretty clever. Good on you, conservative internet douchebag. Good on you.
@17: Key word "constantly".

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