Re: You're a slut.

Lindy, I didn't see where you confirmed or denied your sluttiness. The rest of us sluts won't judge you if you aren't but we're dying to know!
Obvious case of the wife snooping on her husband's Facebook account.

He really picked a winner.
I'm starting to think that there is no husband or wife, but a lonely 54-year-old man pretending to be a married couple in order to harass strangers.
Yup - I think psycho-insecure-Facebook-account-snooping wife should be declared an official enemy of Slog. We have to take care of our own.
Wait, can you block someone that you're friends with? Or did he unfriend you? This is so unsatisfying. I hate this cowardly crazypants couple, denying us the hilarious drama we all wanted and expected.
I am disappointed you are trying to protect the innocent!
They clearly belong together.
i'm with #2, obviously the wife hacked his facebook and is watching it like an hawk for slutty journalists trying to fuck her husband.

only one thing to do now, stop hiding their facebook names and let your loyal slog-army loose on them.
@5 Yeah, you can block people you're friends with. I've done it to a few people who were pissing me off but whom I didn't actually want to cut off entirely.
This is a fun game. I'm sad that the crazies blocked Lindy and thus ended said game. I had so much fun yesterday reading the suggested responses and trying not to laugh out loud in my cubicle. *sigh* I guess I'll have to find something else to keep me amused at work.
His wife was clearly logged on to his account.
Maybe you should start tagging their names onto photos of shoes. That seems to be the latest Fæcebok thing to do.
Chill out Honey-Bunny
Absolutely. Why redact the names of these people? Facebook isn't any part of the journalistic mix. The rules of interaction--can't say 'intercourse'--on social networks mutates and evolves faster than the influenza virus. These--this(?)--hilarious, clueless, creep(s) deserve the full, unvarnished, blast of public scorn for this passive-aggressiveness. For all the chuckles this episode provides, a message should still be sent: calling a stranger a slut doesn't get a free pass. Nor is it a one-way street.

Release the names and then the hounds.
Divorce? Assholes like that deserve each other.
Are these people Randy and Evi Quaid?
I hate to be a contrarian here, but I sort of think that Crazy Wife outmanuvered Lindy and Sloggers in this matter. They are still operating from the high ground of anonimity & batshit insanity, and can claim the 'last word' in Face-land.

I'm with #8 & #14 - release the hounds. These people deserve no courtesy.
If the husband wrote that sincerely, then I retract my anticipation of a quick divorce, those two are perfect for one another and everyone benefits from keeping them off the market.

On the other hand it could simply be that snoopy-psycho-wife was standing behind her underling husband as he wrote this and hence got just what she asked for. Or it could be that she demands (or has gotten by ill means) his password and hence she's answering you.

Or, given that neither hubby nor his wife have a profile pic, it could just be some dude/lady trolling on their own.
Either way, the small troll in me wishes you'd show the names, just for shits and giggles. It's a small part. though.
I think perhaps they get their thrills from slut shaming. If so, Lindy, you've just been three-wayed!
Nobody cares about facebook drama. So you slept with a married douchebag, it happens, to everyone, get over it.
Maybe this is some kind of sexual thing. I think you're supposed to pursue them, Lindy.

By the way, I friended you yesterday, but just so you know, I'm single and gay, so there won't be any crazy wife on my end of our internet affair.
My theory: you have been duped by brilliant performance artists.
@16 - a part of me wants to believe the Quaids are performance artists
@21 - How COULD you, croc?

Lindy, I demand that you either unfriend and unfuck MacCrocodile, or marry him and begin controlling his life like a good woman.

Are you a slut? I only know you through your Slog posts and Stranger writings and live on the other end of the country, 2871 miles from downtown Seattle. From here, you don't seem any sluttier than your average culturally involved single woman of marriageable age. Of course, to some, that's the very definition of a slut. But they tend to concentrate down here in these parts.
Lindy, I think it's time you create a FAN page for yourself. Let all your FB friends know, invite them to be fans once it's up, then boot all the people you don't know from your current profile.
Maybe you have been tricked into playing a role in some couple's BDSM "scene."
Awww. Boo. Yesterday's post was one of the most fun, least controversial posts on Slog in ages. Over 100 comments and Godwin wasn't invoked once!

We will miss you crazylady.
@18: I could see the husband's profile pic until I was blocked.
@28 - You know who else was unreasonably controlling of her significant other? Eva Braun.
BTW, yes, it was the wife, and only the wife, who posted that response and blocked Lindy. The possibility that both profiles belong to some lonely psycho (as suggested @ 3) is much more likely than the husband doing this, even if his wife made him (as suggested @ 18).

@ 17, in the days before the internet, the equivalent of this was when someone slammed down the phone on someone else. That person wasn't regarded as having "the high ground," and since this is the same thing, I don't see how crazy wife has the high ground now.
I don't think it's one person parading as two. My hope is that the wife actually talked to him about her issues and he made those changes/sent the nastygram, but of course it's more likely she used his account to do it herself.

Pity. This was turning legendary. I don't want it to be over. Boo.
So is he saying he friended you because you are a slut or that he found out after the fact when his mom (er, his wife) saw his Facebook page?

So confusing.
At this point, Lindy, we need names!
Why are people asking for names? This is Slog. You're called upon to harass dumb bigots in the Bible Belt, not random fucks from internetland. That's 4chan's job.
That was my wife that did that, I did not send you that creepy message or block you! My wife hack into my facebook and did that. I didn't even know about it until today, I am only friends with Stranger Staff because I'm a local artist and an avid reader. I apoligize.

Todd Maloy
Oh yes. It's time for names.
Release their names. We must defend your slutty honor.
@2 Obviously this.

Lindy, how many marriages must fall before your slutty ways?
... and I didn't send the "you are the one" message or whatever. My wife must have done that, I respect all of The Stranger staff.
Can @36 be believed? Can it really be him? If it is, I suddenly feel strange about having this discussion in front of actual people who may have actual issues to work out with their actual spouses.
Todd -- tell us more about your insane spouse! Does she send threatening messages to all your female FB friends?
@42 - Just the slutty ones, dur!
Todd - so when you say your wife "hack" your FB, do you mean she knows your password? Or that you stay logged in? Or that you have an easy-to-guess password? Because none of those things is hacking. Your wife is insane, but you deserve the mother of all dope slaps.

So, recess is over, I guess
@36 & 40, I hope for your sake that your wife just went too far on some kind of drug and had a psychotic episode. If this is typical behavior for her, I would suggest that Seattle is full of lovely, non-controlling, non-insane women who I'm sure would love to meet a newly free man.
Oh. By the way, I should probably mention that I do not see sluttiness to be in any way a character flaw.

Indeed, many of the character traits I value: self-confidence, independence, a fondness for bright colors and a dramatic fashion sense, a love of rock 'n' roll, good friends, and screaming 'whoo!' seem to go hand in hand with sluttiness.
If the wife had access to his FB account, why didn't she just unfriend Lindy for him?
I think unregistered commenter @11 called it: That was the wife logged into the husband's account.
Step one: Create fake facebook identity with male gender identity.
Step two: Friend husband.
Step three: Change profile pick to Lindy West profile pick.
Step four: Profit.
@49- And by "pick" I mean "pic."
Um ... why are you hiding his identity? You have no obligation to protect him from public ridicule. He and his wife were rude and horrible to you. Payback is mandatory.
..whoa.. his fb info says they're separated...whoa....i think i'll tiptoe away now..
Sluts Unite! @46. And because we have more experience (MUCH more), sluts make better lovers, by far.

Lindy: All in all, better to take the high road in this mess than be dragged down to the poop-level where this insecure and dramatic muggle-woman lives her sad little life.

Todd: Good luck with the separation. Sounds like it was probably overdue. Nobody should cave to insane behaviour and emotional-manipulation.
Todd, you should divorce that idiot wife.
C'mon, you know the wife hacked his account. Or was looking over his shoulder.
@35: No, it's NOT. /b/ is not your personal army
@ 22, which part of this tired drama qualifies as "brilliant performance artists"? Once upon a time in the east, there were brilliant performance artists. Now every hack student dropout seems to qualify in Seattle...oh, Jen, please review this thread of tripe....
Christ, you're so fucking boring.
@59 Agree. That's why I de-friended Christ from my facebook. Also, he kept friend-requesting sluts.

Anyway, we're separated now.
@59 - I know, right? Thank god you came along. Now this thread is interesting.
@3, FUCK YOU. I'm only 52, dammit!
Yup, my money's on that reply being from the wife while she was raiding the husband's Facebook desperately seeking evidence that he was porking Lindy. There is no way in which that would not be characteristic of this particular variety of psycho.
@62 No offense intended. God knows, pervy obsessive e-stalker Lindy-love is boundless and knows no age.
We need a poll. Is Lindy West a slut?

Enquiring minds want to know. Or at least to have dirty conversations about it and speculate....
Clearly she is. Look at those bangs.
Lindy West makes SLOG post about Lindy West, film at 11.

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