I hope your problems are few, etc. I also hope those of you in Washington state are paying attention to our governor's race. McKenna is out there lying about gay people and marriage equality—Eli walked us through McKenna's lies, obfuscations, and bigotries here on Slog—while Jay Inslee has already endorsed marriage equality. I just sent some early gay money Jay's way. You should too. Donate here.

UPDATE: Broke? Friending Inslee on Facebook is free.

UPDATE 2: "Let's Slog-bomb this poll (scroll down, right side)," says Slog commenter I Got Nuthin'.

The poll asks: "The early governor's race has Rob McKenna running against Jay Inslee. Who would you prefer to be the next governor?" Right now McKenna is leading with 61% of the votes—Rob's green, Jay's purple—and that ain't right.

Let's go vote up Inslee because you never know when an unscientific, transitory, meaningless data point will swing/butterfly-effect an election.

The poll is here. Vote!

UPDATE 3: Victory is ours!