At yesterday's post kickoff press conference, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rep. Jay Inslee was asked where he stood on legalization of marijuana, and alas, he's against it. "As far as total decriminalization, I'm not there yet," Inslee explained. "I'm a parent. I'm just not comfortable right now. And that's my position."

Disappointing. But that said, his entire answer was a bit more nuanced.

Inslee started with a strong defense of our state's medical marijuana laws, arguing that "we need to get the federal government off our backs" when it comes to access. He also acknowledges that we are wasting resources on marijuana law enforcement, and that we need to "re-prioritize."

Not an entirely satisfying answer. If our current laws don't work, you might think it makes more sense to change them, rather than just not enforce them so much. But Inslee is more than just "a parent." He's a politician. And while he might not be ready to lead on this issue, it doesn't look like he's an ardent defender of marijuana prohibition either.