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When I still lived back in Detroit, this was the exit I used for work. So I-75 in Troy, MI.
Zut alors! Who will think of the children and their innocent impressionable minds?

When I was driving through northern BC a few years ago, it seemed like every other road was "Beaver Gap" or "Beaver Itch" or "Split Beaver" (okay, maybe not that last one). Mr. Kalakalot and I, children that we are, were highly amused.
I-75 in southeast Michigan; I grew up all of 10 miles from that exit and it has never ceased to be funny.
What are you doing in Michigan?
Having worked for Wave Broadband (Cable company) they service lots of rural areas, things like Port Orchard, Port Angeles, etc. When you shell out your own money to pave a road, you get to name it. I've had to setup landscape surveys (to see if the location is now within range to qualify for cable tv) for Sesame Street, Peace & Quiet Lane, all sorts of odd names. You pay to pave it, you earn the right to name it.
I-12 inch cock
Beaver Junior College, a low-end institute for girls just outside Philadelphia, had to reluctantly change its name to 'Arcadia University' due to all of the obvious abuse (and web filters!). I recall fun times when the (not very bright) girls would visit in gangs, the Ivy League frat parties at the University of Pennsylvania. 'Eager Beaver' does not begin to describe...
I hear you can eat at the "Y" on that road.
I used to work on a TV show in West Michigan (Grand Rapids) and when the guest mentioned her office location as Big Beaver Road (probably this one) the host, the crew, the audience (which included the guest band) and yes the guest all giggled. We didn't stop tape, we made no edits.

A couple of Lesbian friends of mine, longtime partners, have decided to marry in Humptullips when same sex marriage becomes legal in Washington. It is hard to say if they are serious about marrying there. These two have always been zany and crazy about each other.
I-75, The Chrysler FWY.
Did you mean name, or rename?

Google makes looking for these things too easy sometimes. (This one can apparently be found on I-75 in Troy, Michigan.)
I love that it is exit "69".
Well, Hershey Highway came to mind, but I guess that'd be the next exit. Or entrance. Whatever.
still can't beat Kentucky's charming hamlet of Beaver Lick!
Which is close to Big Bone Lick State Park. of course.
I-75, baby. Gotta love the D.
That's the best you've got? I didn't take this picture but I've driven by it many times and it never stops being funny.…
I had a relative who worked in a certain correctional facility many years ago. There was a woman in and out of the facility on prositution charges who's legal last name was "Big Beaver." I always found the name fitting, though not the best marketing- should have had it changed to "Young Beaver" or something....
The directions for driving to my school in MI were to take that exit and then get off at Climax.
What are you doing on I-75 in Troy Michigan (though you could be in Southfield, Rochester Hills, or Detroit).

Everytime I'd drive past those exit signs the Primus song would pop into my head - as it is doing right now ("Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to her friends...").
Beaver Creek CO has a liquor store.
Yes, you guessed it... Beaver Liquors.
My sister and I would laugh at that every time we drove to Grandma's house. Ahhh, good old I-75 in Troy, MI.
@18: I about fell onto the steering wheel the first time I saw those signs on I-75. I'll have to visit BBL one of these days.
That exit is wide open.

You beat me to it. I grew up down the street from Beaver College. I also had a high school teacher who used to wear a team jacket everywhere that said "Beaver College Band" and she got endless shit for it (e.g., being a member of a band of beavers, etc) Took a looong time for the school to finally change the name.
LOL that's so funny! btw u guys should check out this dirty mind app for the iphone…

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