If we help her rebuild her spaceship, will she go home?
This woman could say anything and it wouldn't seem out of character for her. "I'm against abortion, but I'm perfectly alright with eating babies who were born dead." "I'm a big fan of Cesar Milan. I had him help me with our third dog, after I accidentally beat the first two to death." "I had a lesbian experience in high school, but I was possessed by demons at the time. The girl who took advantage of me then ended up committing suicide, which is better than continuing to live a life of sin."
I bet she's gotten laid only once in her entire life.

She has three biological children, and I don't think they're triplets.

But if her husband is as gay as he seems, I'm sure sex, for both of them, involves closing their eyes and thinking of England.
In this instance she's just saying what other Republicans believe, but are too wussy to iterate on their own. The goal of the GOP since Election Day 2008 has been to take down Obama, and if they have to throw a few million workers under the bus to make that happen, well, that's "just politics", I guess...
@5: Word. I have a tire tread on my back.

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