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meh to weddings. wear what you want.
People can wear whatever they want on their wedding day, even those ugly shoes.
Isn't that funny - I hadn't heard of Toms shoes at all until a couple weeks ago someone dragged me into a Whole Foods and pointed them out, and just yesterday I read of their founder's PR fuckup participating in a forum by Focus ("No marriage for you, gays - in fact, please die") on the Family. And now this!

(Here's the latest on the FoF brouhaha:…)
Fuck formal weddings. Fuck weddings in general. Just get the vows over with real quick in private, then have a big party. Nobody wants to get all starched up and sit through your goddamn ceremony anyway; they're all just waiting for the reception, hoping there's an open bar or at least a keg.

Which, anyway, means that we agree with each other about these shoes, Lindy, but from substantially different directions.
meh, everyone at my wedding wore converses if they wore shoes at all. and if a dozen people are buying $50 shoes, they may as well be something comfortable?
I don't know about you, but I lovehidebound rules and traditions regarding acceptable wedding attire!
@4: I couldn't agree with you more. They get more and more dreadful over the years and I always end up drinking too much.
I've attended and/or officiated weddings of all types, from ultra-formal and very traditional to casual and completely non-traditional. The conclusion I've reached is that it doesn't fucking matter what anyone wears or how anything is decorated as long as everyone has fun and there is good food/booze at the reception.
i got my wedding shoes from nordtrom rack and even then they was sandals and they cost $20 ..
and i lookeded good in em ..… yeah lindy ...fuck all this
What @4 said. Keep the wedding short and sweet because what people really want to do is party and celebrate the new union.

Although I am in agreement with the wear-whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-its-your-wedding crowd, I am a sucker of fancy dressing and looking good and I do lament the ultra casualization of America.
I like Toms a lot, though unfortunately my feet are too big for them, and I think these wedding shoes are an awesome idea. Why should women have to wear painful, pointy heels? These look comfortable and pretty enough for a beach or outdoor wedding at least.
@3, that's the first thing I thought of too. For chrissakes, wear what you want at your wedding, but DON'T BRING FOCUS ON THE FAMILY.
What percentage of brides are holding their shoes in their hands at 8pm on their wedding day? I'd guess 80%.
I got married at a VietNamese church, so NO shoes were allowed to be worn inside. Who can see your shoes under that giant dress anyway.
I intend to wear whatever the fuck on want on my wedding day. 'Cause it'll be my fucking wedding. And if choosing to do something frivolous - buying myself special shoes to wear for one damn occasion - the least I could do is buy a pair that supports a good cause.
Although, yeah, keep FoF out of it.
Wedding? Did I hear wedding?! Cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching.
I wanna see a wedding getup that accomodates roller skates.
You know what sucks? Having a wedding and hearing everyone tell you "lol man yea weddings are stupid I hate weddings why would anyone do that why don't you just go to city hall man fuck weddings" throughout the entire planning process.

Some people want to have more standard weddings (whatever the FUCK) that means and they get to think wearing those ugly motherfucking shoes to a wedding is a terrible idea.

The rest of you self-righteous fucktards who think you're so god-damned ahead of the curve by pretending to be all-accepting while really accepting anything BUT any aspect of a traditional wedding can go sit on it.
WTF Lindy? Seriously, fuck formal, traditional weddings, fuck high heels. I don't give a shit what you wear but the last thing we need is enforcement of the ugly-ass 'Merican status quo, especially from the likes of you.
this thread goes a long way towards explaining why 90% of seattle dresses like shit. slovenly is not "business casual".
Bunch'a savages in this thread. Those shoes are unacceptable.
Get married in cargo shorts if you want, who cares?
I see no issue with the shoes. I DO, however, see an issue with making demands as to what people may or may not do on their wedding day. It's not your fucking wedding, after all.
those are the worst shoes ever, all of them
Also, since when are we not allowed to have fucking opinions about other peoples' weddings? Of course people are allowed to do whatever they want to celebrate their union, even if that means looking like shit when they do it.

We're also entitled to point that out. Also, you know what's great? People STILL spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a "non-traditional wedding" where they were ugly-as-sin shit.

Sure they're happy, sure they can do what they want. So can people who want more formal weddings you pseudo-pretentious douchenozzles.
If I was going to donate shoes to the chronically impoverished and opressed, I would donate useful, sturdy, long lasting shoes, with arch support, like Doc Martens. Donating what are basically cheap slippers that will fall apart in two months is an insult to common sense and a poor was to spend your charity dollars.
Lindy - if you want me to click on your ad - just say so. TRICKING me to click on a link to an AD is black hat. I'm not going to be able to trust your links if you are not honest.
I JUST saw this at a wedding. Fancy dress, fancy hair and make-up and then those stupid shoes. (and they were just the canvas ones, they weren't even satin) It looked ridiculous. Wear what you like but keep it consistent. If you're gonna dress like a freaking hippie on your wedding day do it all over, not just from the ankles down. Also, what @26 said.
They are hipster Crocs.
Seriously. It's your wedding. You are going to be nervous and sweaty. Hops are not going to solve the problem. []
They are vegan ugg boots. And lets face it, only a white person would think to wear that shit at their fucking wedding.

I agree with the fuck weddings sentiment though. But if your gonna do it, don't do it hipster douche style.
The only thing I know about Tom's is that I never knew how many foot fetishists I had friended on facebook until their Day Without Shoes, when those people ask for photos of that stupid trend-masquerading-as-charity event.
These are the shoes they used to give the Chinese back when Mao was running the show right?

These are clearly communist... No one would actually pay money for them.
Heh, I like the sparkly pink ones, but the idea of wearing them with formal wear really irks me. If people want to dress casually for their wedding that's fine, but jeez people, be consistent.
I'm indifferent about these shoes as wedding attire, but I agree with 18 that the fuck weddings sentiment on this thread is disheartening. Suddenly everyone is too cool for school AND weddings? To all the wedding bashers: let people have their special day for fuck sakes! They'd probably do the same for you if anyone loved you enough to marry your cynical ass.
Well, MY ceremony was at city hall and only lasted 4 and a half minutes and then we all went to a public park while wearing stick on mustaches and carrying parasols. We had a photo booth where everyone could dress up as Abraham Lincoln. My bridesmaids and I sewed our own dresses from fabric that I designed and made on my loom, and my husband wore a vintage suit and we all wore Converse sneakers. My whole reception only cost $3.80 and we ate organically grown free-range lentils from my rooftop garden.
Golly gee, I'm too late. I was going to lament that they don't make stylish cankle slippers for people like you, Garcia. Then you could trot around in footwear that doesn't make your dogs look like proofed bread dough. Fuck that's funny.
And we care about this why?

We got married two months after Massachusetts passed the law allowing it. Backyard, perfect July day, on our 18th anniversary. We wore matching t-shirts reading "it's not all about you" (which was our political reply to all the venom that was published in the local papers before same-sex marriage became legal, including a full-page ad by Fuckus on the Only-We-Are-Allowed-To-Define-It Family which would have done Nazi Germany proud in the way it completely ((and scientifically, according to them)) defamed us as unstable, incapable of long term commitments and unfit to parent). Board shorts and I was barefoot because I was so excited about being able to marry my man it completely slipped my mind to put anything on my feet.

Who the fuck cares what you wear to the ceremony? It's not like folks will divorce three months later because they wore the wrong shoes.

BTW - next week is our 25th.
Yeah, even though I was so excited to get married, I still wanted to be able to dance that night and walk the next day; so I wore flats; I would definately have looked at these Tom's, esp the one with the slight wedge heel.
"Oh, but we want our wedding footwear to show what unique, quirky, original people we are, and besides, we're socially conscious and did you know that Toms donates - "

I'm so glad I'm having a small wedding where I know everyone is excited about sharing in the special day with us and can avoid assholes like @4 who care more about being entertained and getting their booze on.
I love you, @36
@31 FTW
Why thank you, @42. I have lots of hipster acquaintances, it's really just a summary.
Remind me again, I always get confused; which is the one you put on a horse you want to ride, 'bridle" or 'bridal?"

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