I guess if there's a positive spin to Tim Eyman's transit-killing/floating-bridge-sinking Initiative 1125, it's that its arbitrary ban on variable tolling could also blow up the funding package for the deep bore tunnel:

"A flat toll rate would not achieve our objective as far as financing the project," said Highway 99 administrator Ron Paananen, asked about I-1125 during a news conference Friday about a newly released environmental-impact statement. "We would have to work with legislators and the governor's office, as far as handling that difference."

Or, maybe, we could work with legislators and the governor's office to shift some of that tunnel money over to the 520 bridge, and instead opt for the cheaper surface/transit alternative? You know, with or without Eyman's moronic I-1125? Like, let's say, if Seattle voters decisively reject the tunnel on the ballot next month?