It didn't just look totally amazing, it was totally amazing. It is totally amazing. Eli, you are totally amazing too. And not to belittle that fact, there are other things that are totally amazing as well. Have a totally amazing day, Eli!
@1: Oh, fine, how about just "amazing" then?
key was brazil's own goal, when their defender shanked a easy clear and it spun into the net. absent that, they'd have won it outright. the tying goal was a thing of beauty, but the US was lucky as hell.

Trust me, it was totally amazing. Not just "last minute" but well into injury time of the second overtime period, 122 minutes in all. In time that wouldn't even have been played if it wasn't for the Brazilian player's gamesmanship of lying on the ground for four minutes, then being carried off in a stretcher, only to leap off of that stretcher and run back out onto the field -- was it worth the yellow card AND the tying goal?

This after a thumping, physical game featuring some rather dubious referee calls, which mostly turned out to be justified in retrospect. A lot of American fans are crying "justice", which is stupid; we got the benefit of just as many as they did. But the drama of a red card, a blocked penalty, which was then retaken and made!

And that tying goal was as good as you'll see at any level. Just an amazing ball in and a powerful header perfectly on target. A heartstopper.

There was another retaken penalty at the end, which favored us. It was in the end as spectacular a victory as I've ever seen.
Sorry, Im watching COPA America- the biggest soccer event in the world after the World Cup. Argentina could be eliminated today and theyre the hosts. The humanity! But I hear the USA team is kicking butt. Should be the US agaisnt the Swedes in the women's.
But will there be a live slog for the next match?
Thanks for the sports coverage, Stranger. Now that you're off the bandwagon, did you know the Sounders played a game in Portland yesterday? Not even a blurb in the Morning News? Really?
Got an Apple TV? Jailbreak it, install XBMC and BlueCops Video Add-On registry, stream ESPN3 straight to your TV. I was amazed to see this worked on Sunday when watching the Sounders vs Timbers game.

If all UW Husky games were on ESPN3, I wouldnt even need to subscribe to cable TV.

NOTE: Its a shame the next game is on Wednesday Morning, no chance i'll be able to watch it.
Gee, was the Sounders/Timbers game a big deal? Should a Seattle paper cover that? Hmmn...
I haven't watched a match but have been following it (Women's World Cup) on ESPN and in the sports' pages of the Seattle Times. I was quite surprised that they won. I thought Brazil the better team. Good on our US sisters. They should win though France & Japan are formidable.
The game was phenomenal. Pity that last year's live-slogging enthusiasm hasn't followed the women's tournament.
I had no idea this game was even being played until teh Internets lost its shit about the tying goal. Still not going to watch as I don't have ESPN but go America.

I'm generally a bit cynical about ESPN's hyperbole surrounding events they have exclusive broadcasting rights over but seriously, this actually felt like a Miracle on Ice moment.

I can sincerely put Hope Solo on the same level as Mike Ruzione right now. Hind sight may change my perspective but right now I'm reeling.

You can watch both tournaments, you know.

You're the most enthusiastic person I've come across with regards to the Copa América. I'm watching it in Buenos Aires & I was expecting it to be fantastic, on & off the pitch. But it's just one big damp squib. Argentina and Brazil are both unusually poor. The games have mostly been dull (thank god for Chile) & were 7 draws in the first 12 games.

Also, I reckon the Euros are a bigger tournament than the Copa América - more countries, more teams, more fans in the stadiums, more tv viewers & generally a higher standard of play, especially in this tournament.
You better believe I am, USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

At LEAST three better tourneys than Copa America:
1. Champions League
2. World Cup
3. Euros

@5, I'm watching both. Great to see the big powers struggle and some new countries come up -- Chile, Colombia, even Venezuela (huh? Venezuela winning at soccer just doesn't happen, it's like USA getting beat in basketball by the Faroe Islands or something). My heart is with Uruguay because of El Flaco on the Sounders and their lovely national anthem, but they're doomed, unless a surprisingly terrible Mexico (always a major threat in this tournament) somehow continues their unprecedented slumber.

Biggest shock of the tournament? The bags under Messi's eyes. He looks TERRIBLE.
How/where can I watch Wednesday's game online? I have no TV. Thanks!

@7 and @9 thank god for 3-2 red card wins!

Uruguay are far from doomed. I'd be surprised if they didn't qualify. Mexico have taken an understrength squad - next to none of the Gold Cup squad. I think it's their 2012 Olympic squad so under 22s with five overage players. A hell of a lot of the squad is uncapped at senior level.

Uruguay were much better than Mexico's full strength squad at the World Cup. I'm hoping they qualify as 2nd best 3rd place because I'll be watching their potential semi final in Montevideo.
Abby Wambach is my third cousin once removed. My great grandfather and her great-great grandfather were brothers. So, I take full credit for the win.
@13: the ending was a stunning reversal of fortune after the red card and Marta's goal at 91, which made it thrilling, but going into the game, it was not the case that Brazil was heavily favored. The teams were (and are) reckoned to be pretty evenly matched. So in that respect it wasn't so much a Miracle on Ice moment. God will strike me dead for my presumption, but it's hard for me to picture USA not beating France on Wednesday, leaving a final match against a very tough Sweden or a very speedy Japan. Oh, and calling Mudede: SLOG fairly cries out for you to compare and contrast Solo and Sharipova. Here's one place to start: Solo's the best in the world in the nets, while Sharipova is what, #5, in front of _her_ net?
@14 the pelotudos need to beat the hated ticos in order to advance! and theyre the hosts! @17 the venezolanos win their group are you kidding me? theyre a baseball country! of course my heart is with the little pelotudos( uruguay) suarez after all plays for liverpool-the next champions champ!
But hey GO COLOMBIA!!! the colombians cant afford to lose, or theyll get killed when they go back home.

If Liverpool are the next champions champ of anything, with or without Suarez, I will take the "choicer challenge" with Hosni Mubarek in Tahir Square.
You crazy Latins. You hate the ticos? How can anybody hate the ticos? They're adorable.

Pelotudos sounds like something bad. Do the Uruguayans know you call them that? They might come looking for you.

Venezuela is indeed top of their group, above Brazil and Paraguay. They just need to draw with Paraguay to go through. My Venezuelan cow orker says that when they drew 0-0 with Brazil, a country that had scored 26 unanswered goals on them in recent years, and never lost or drawn before, the entire country back home went bananas. National holiday. Now they're on the brink of putting Brazil out of the Copa. Hey, it's all on in a few minutes!

The pelotudos are the Argentinians. Pelotudo translates as hairy ball-bag & is used in a similar way to asshole. The Uruguayans are the little pelotudos, although pelotuditos would be a more eloquent way of denigrating a nationality. I don't get the reference to the ticos being hated; I just asked a genuine Argentine & they gave me the old roll-eye.

What's with the estadounidense way of using the third person singular to describe a football team? Venezuela are top of their group. Also, they've qualified for the quarter finals already, at the very worst as second-best third place, because the third place in group A can't finish with 4 points.
Correction, I loathe the Ticos! Little shits, I cant stand them. I dont know we all have our thing. Brasileiros dont like Boludos, Boludos dont like, well, anybody... specially Bolivianos. Holly shit, you think there is racism here. fuggetabout it. Being a Boliviano in BA's is not e-z. And us Nicas we loathe the Ticos as Im sure they loathe us. But, is all good in da hood. The Pelotudos pulling it off.. Die ticos, die… Shit, is the least these boludos can do after the death of my beloved Facundo Cabral by the narcos in Guatemala.

Hey how about River Plate getting demoted? Boca campeón, Boca Campeón....ha ha ha ha...
Goleada!! Goleada... GOOOOOL GOOOL de Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ 24Liverpool and the Red nation are going to make everyone eat their words. This team is stacked gentleman with Suarez and the big guy there is no stopping them in the English Premiere.

Prolly a Man city fan arent ya?
If Gerrard is healthy, you've got him plus a full season of Suarez and Carroll and Charlie Adam and more improvement from Lucas = Liverpool is going to be very tough next year.
@29, 30

I'm definitely not a City fan. I don't have the requisite stone-washed denim for starters.

But Liverpool, mark my words, will have another poor season. Gerrard is finished, they've overspent on Andy Carroll & bought too many poor midfielders. Jordan Henderson = £20million of plop. Charlie Adam was a big fat fish in a little pond at Blackpool. He won't get given the time at Liverpool to do anything. He's also the oldest looking 25 year old since records began. Suarez does look a good buy but he's a right little hairy ball-bag.

Yeah I enjoyed seeing River go down. I've hated Passarella since he dropped Batistuta for having long hair so I was glad to see him in the president's swivel chair for that almighty fuck-up.
Paul Calf!

As a Spurs fan I rather take issue with sixth place being a "poor season". I think Liverpool is going to do well, but I am somewhat obligated to do so, being married to a Liverpool fan of 25 years standing. As a result I've developed a soft spot for them, in part because they are the opposite of Manchester United. I.e., pure evil.

Overpaying for Carroll doesn't matter if you have the cash, and they had it. Gerrard's never going to be the player he was but he's far from done. I think they'll be all right.

Now, what the hell is a Boludo? The internet just says "stupid person" but that could be anyone, couldn't it?
A boludo is somebody with large testicles. I don't think it's a word in standard Spanish but it's used in castellano rioplatense as a disparaging term of endearment amongst friends, or an insult to an enemy. A boluda is a woman with large testicles, if you can imagine that. SeMe is using the word to describe people of Argentinian nationality.

The money at the top of the premier league has entrenched very few teams where previously there was variety. It's sad to say that for a team who have spent as much as Liverpool & been used to earning champions league money, 6th place without qualifying for Europe can be classed as a poor season. My sympathies on marrying a Liverpool fan. I hope the Anfield pitch opens up & their players fall into a big hole.
Oy, where are the Aston Villa fans?

But back on topic: the red card was a travesty. The US team got yanged for several offsides that weren't, while Brazil went merrily along offsides without a call over and over - including on the go-ahead goal in extra time (clearly offside; not a judgement call at all). The absurd play-acting of the Brazilian players was offensive: that last one should have gotten a red card, not a yellow.

I hate seeing a game go to PKs, but the fact is, Brazil deserved to lose. They played, not to win, but to "not lose", and that seldom works.

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