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and 10 or 20 years from now, when the worthless old fucks who rule us w/ their failed ideas (tax cuts!!) are largely out of power and/or discredited, there's a chance that we will start rebuilding this 'infrastructure' you speak of, and then maybe we can start getting out of this hole we are stuck in. until then, expect more cuts for the masses & giveaways for the rich.
Too bad Obama, Gregoire, Inslee, etc. don't tell us we should borrow tax and spend our way to prosperity.

Look, they've all forgotten the new deal. Well actually, the keynesian experiment called world war II was really what did it.

It's this forgotten period of our history and Obama is out there talking about tax relief and changing patent laws to create jobs and that kind of nonsense.

We need to start a communist party again. That's the only way the democrats get a spine.

I thought Stranger staff policy was to mock Dennis Kucinich.
I'm glad to see the Stranger has moved beyond pointless, juvenile ridicule of Mr Kucinich, and is now actually discussing the man's policy positions. Almost like a real newspaper.
this synergy has been obvious for a long time, what's missing is the political will/popular support to do it
@1: You have a lot of faith in the American people.

not too much faith. i believe we have zero chance of doing it before another decade or two go by & i only think we have a chance at doing the right thing at that point. no chance for any meaningful change until the korea generation & the boomers stop voting & start dying. those two generations are over-indexed towards being hateful, racist fucks who can only conceive of supply side economics as a legitmate policy option.

Today is Seven-Eleven....ELEVEN!!

Leprechaun 1 was a much better movie.

A new New Deal. You guys crack me up. What are you, 5% of the electorate like the Teabaggers?

The center rules. We like Obama.
He's absolutely right, and the inability of legislators to form a powerful enough bloc to force Obama to release a sufficient stimulus to both spur the economy and repair our infrastructure...

Well, let's just say it's one reason I'm disappointed how many congresspeople haven't found a way to both gain the satisfaction of being in the right AND gain effectiveness over these many years to hammer out and pass significant bills.
Kucinich is not only right but advocating publicly financing and producing things WE ACTUALLY NEED is also the only way to avoid economic bubbles in the first place.

Right now we're borrowing to buy things from billionaires for stupid shit we don't need and have no value other than as some sort of to-big-to-fail ransom payments.

Reminder that Kucinich just came back from a JO session with Bashar Assad who is murdering his own people wholesale. Reminder that the Baath Party in Syria slaughtered 40,000 motherfuckers in 1982. He's a crystal-waving faerie wiccan chickenshit shill who belongs in 1998 or something. Not 2011.
Unfortunately, if Kucinich is championing a position it usually means that it's a moot point, because it won't ever make it to the bargaining table. He's carried the banner for a lot of great ideas, including single payer health care and substantive cuts to military spending, and none of them have gained the slightest traction whatsoever.

We're stuck with the kind of democracy where we have to choose from the options on the menu, and those options are "shit sandwich" and "slightly smaller shit sandwich."
Ahhh, the looney left. Will your revolution be televised?
Obama said the same thing in his talk yesterday about jobs coming from work on infrastructure. He didn't get that idea from Kucinich.

McDermott has carried the banner for single-payor health insurance and military spending cuts. Neither of them have much influence in Congress for reasons other than their opinions.
I'll vote Kucinich in every primary that comes. He's principled, and correct in just about every way.
@12: did you think Kucinich was going to make Assad and his tribe give up power? 1998 is not markedly different than 2011. both suck.
I like the fact that he's not a Washingtonian.

When you look at the gang of do-nothings and corporate whores that Democrats elect here, the one thing they all have in common is that they're from here. Maybe we can do better.
Kucinich is a joke.

It doesn't matter how many terrific policy positions you have if you have no idea how to build a base under them. Kucinich doesn't WANT to build a coalition, because then he'd have to do something instead of just jabber on about it. It's so much easier to stand outside the glass commenting on what's wrong inside it. Kucinich is a soft jelly turd.

His trip to Syria was embarrassing as hell. It makes him look like a moron lickspittle dictator-fucker.

Does anyone remember back in the 60s and 70s when white girl had no ass?

It was like her back just went straight down to her legs...butts were wide, flat and pressed against the hips.

Now completely difference. Ass hang out the shorts.

That's why America is number one in the US.
@19 Ah! There's the Kucinich-hate! I was w/ DOUG, wondering what was up w/ the Slog. But now things have shifted back to quiet, easy predictability-- If a progressive doesn't champion gay rights as part of his/her agenda, he/she's a "soft jelly turd."
I hope he's talking about the kinds of job that Americans WILL do. Because it looks like Mexicans aren't so hot to come here any more, and if we're only creating the kinds of jobs that Mexicans will do, and there are only Americans around to not take those jobs, then we're back to square one.
I used to think you had a point of view. It's obvious now you are an idiot.
@ 19 - I'm pretty sure the joke is in your hand, 'fnarf'.
You morons would vote for a Dead Parrot if it squawked "Bush is a war  criminal, Bush is a war  criminal"

Left wing Teabaggers.
I despise Kucinich. He's a liar and a rat.
@21, I'm not referring to gay rights. I'm referring to the deliberate taking of solo positions. Kucinich's only interest is in making himself stand out, not in accomplishing things. He's never even tried to find anyone who agrees with him on any subject.

And I'm still waiting for an explanation of the Assadjob in Syria.

Kucinich is not a serious person.
@27: If they were truly "solo positions" no one would vote for him.
"@27: If they were truly "solo positions" no one would"

Judging by his last presidential run it looks like next to no one has his looney left positions.

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