Are you thinking of buying a car and hoping for some good, unbiased advice? Or maybe you already have a car, and now you have some questions about maintenance? Well, hey! It's Car Week in Questionland! Car experts are standing by to help you with any car-related questions. We've got Jim Peters from Hilltop Service Station, experts from Daisywagen Volvo Service, and Kevin, the head of The Stranger's distro team, who happens to know a shitload about automobiles!

Here are some questions that've already been discussed:

Where is the best place to sell my used car in Seattle?

How good an idea is a Prius/hybrid car these days?

Where do I file a car accident report in Seattle?

Find the answers to all these questions and more (and ask your own!) in Questionland! Vroom vroom! Sorry. Making car noises is kind of fun.