Stupid judge. Just because 50% of murders in the US are committed by blacks, who only make up 12% of the population, doesn't mean black folk are more criminally inclined. The math is simple!
@1. Only at the most idiotic level. Correlation not equaling causation and whatnot.

Why are they criminally inclined I might ask?

I is the hardest salesman in Kingston.

I has the best bike and will sell the load to the Man, Jah!

Holy shit, people. Click on that last link. The man lost an election and he's still campaigning for the job. Richard Sanders clearly has no respect for democracy, for a plural society, or the bench he's still (!) sitting on. Gah!

His conceit is breathtaking.
Do you ever have a moment of pure, gelatinous, existential funk when typing the name S-A-N-D-E-R-S...???
I think you're wrong when you say that you don't think a Gov. Rob McKenna would appoint Sanders. McKenna endorsed Sanders in the last election, and never withdrew that endorsement even after Sanders's self-defeating racist comments that famously prompted the Seattle Times to withdraw their endorsement. You can see Sanders's endorsement list here:…
Further info on the McKenna-Sanders connection here:…
Ugh. Insidious, weedy strain of our species.
We'll just have to kick his ass again until he burrows his way into retirement.
Blame the other members of the court who name him as pro tem. They got a mutual job protection thing going there.
Notwithstanding his racist comment and ethical issues:
1) Justice Sanders is still the most defendant-friendly jurist we've had on the WA Supreme Court.
2) Judges shouldn't be elected to begin with.

It really wouldn't be the end of the world if he came back.

@10, he's not defendant-friendly if you're gay. He's a raging homophobe, as is Justice James Johnson. They both signed a separate concussing opinion in the WA DOMA case because the majority opinion apparently wasn't scathingly bigoted enough. The guy has serious emotional problems when it comes to viewing all Washingtonians as equal under the law. You might want to check this out:…
lol, that should say "concurring opinion"...

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