There's been some speculation as to whether Mayor Mike McGinn (& Co.) might support Tim Eyman's sneaky, "anti-tolling" Initiative 1125 simply because passage of the initiative could blow up the downtown tunnel project. (Which needs tolls to make it pencil out financially.)

The speculators' theory: McGinn will set aside his past eco-urbanist support for tolling in order to promote a line of thinking that goes, "The tolling enemy of my tunnel enemy is my temporary ballot friend."

The problem with this idea is: It's not actually happening.

Through his spokesman, McGinn told me this afternoon that he doesn't support Eyman's I-1125, in part because it would derail plans for light rail across I-90:

I do not support Eyman's initiative. If we toll a road, the state should be able to use the tolling revenue to fund transit for people who can't afford the tolls. In fact, that's the only fair way to do tolling.

In other words: "Tunnel stuff aside, the enemy of light rail remains my enemy."