So apparently there was something or other of interest on the first hour of KUOW's Weekday this morning that I assume somebody here will Slog about eventually (they leave this sorta thing up to the "tactful" writers, so it certainly isn't my beat). But me being the wonk that I am, I tuned in for the scintillating hour that followed with flame-throwing King County Executive Dow "The Impaler" Constantine. And I wasn't disappointed.

Talking about Tim Eyman's incredibly stupid I-1125 and the million-plus dollars Bellevue Square owner Kemper Freeman Jr. spent to put this light-rail-killing/520-bridge-sinking initiative onto the ballot, Constantine took direct aim at Bellevue's rich, crazy uncle, attempting to hit him right where it hurts. "If you shop at Bellevue Square," Constantine told KUOW's educated and affluent audience, "you contribute to that campaign."

Ouch. But, you know, it's absolutely true.

Now, I'm not a big fan of boycotts for a number of reasons, but I do believe in spending my dollars responsibly, and for that reason I've long refused to shop at Freeman's Bellevue Square. Granted, I'm not the sort of clientele Freeman wants—my daughter wears flip-flops and all that—but my dollars are as green as anyone else's, and hell if I'm going to hand them over to Freeman and his wacky, light-rail-equals-communism agenda.

So thank you, Dow, for speaking truth to power, and at least suggesting the obvious way we can all respond to Freeman and his special interest meddling.