I've just spent way more time than is advisable looking through old Seattle City Council election fundraising numbers... but not in vain!

Aside from the huge gap and big blowout evidence, I came away with a few interesting bits of trivia.

Did you know that this is the first Seattle City Council race since 2005 in which not one incumbent stepped aside and left his or her seat open to all comers? It's true!

And did you know that at this time in 2005, three of the four incumbents trying to win re-election were trailing their challengers in the money race? Yep. (Way unlike this year.)

And, did you know that since 2003, just two incumbents have pulled off the rather impressive feat of holding their seats while facing challengers who out-fundraised them? Yes! Yes! Yes! It happened! (Nick Licata vs. Jessie Israel in 2009, and Richard McIver vs. Dwight Pelz in 2005.)

Thank you, and goodnight spreadsheet.