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"Communism is ... something that's always there."

Sen. Joe McCarthy sure thought so.
Even tragedy is political?!?
How does voluntarily and temporarily unlocking your wifi connection = communism, exactly? That's quite a leap.
Huh? Who needs WiFi to communicate?
I really want to like you, Charles, but you make it so hard by never making any sense.
Norwegians: they're so confusing.
Tell me again how an injured person trapped under rubble and hoping for rescue proves something about neoliberalism?
I know. Those trapped people should have to waste their energy shouting for help.
@4: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. etc. etc...
@9, well, yeah. But I just use my BlackBerry for that. I wouldn't have thought of connecting to WiFi.
The Law of Unintended Consequences says this will result in kiddie porn devotees detonating car bombs everywhere so they'll have windows of opportunity to download files via someone else's IP address.
If your neighbor's house burns down, you should lend him your clothes while he's down on his luck.

Come to think of it, you should just let him go through your closet on a regular day, anyway.
Well, Charles, guess I gotta hand it to post absolutely meaningless nonsense, but at least you keep it short.
Oh, and @11, that was awesome.
@10, how dense are you? The phone network is jammed. Your Blackberry doesn't work. You can't make phone calls or send texts or emails or anything else.
Charles, Communism in any real sense, died a long time ago. Perhaps you should find a new model. We all know how well that experiment worked in practice. The Lenninist/Maoists kind of fucked it up.

By the way, unlocking your wifi to share with those in need is not communism - if the State offered all wifi, and only through the state could it be accessed - then it would be Communism.
@10 & @15 - My Blackberry uses wi-fi when it's available... so I don't know what either of you are on.
12- You just described one of the practical differences between socialism and communism.
Now you're being an ignoramus, Fnarf. Phone and data transmissions are handled separately.

And yes, Soupytwist, I use WiFi too, when I can. Which isn't very often.
@17, yes, it uses wi-fi when it's available -- that's the whole point of the story. People are being urged to MAKE THEIR WI-FI AVAILABLE.
@19, the service is provisioned through a mobile phone provider. If your mobile connection is broken, you either need wireless or you got no data.
I always keep my mobile hotspot open (i.e., requiring no password to connect), figuring if someone else wants to hop on, it's no skin off my nose.

I didn't know that made me a communist.

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