Behold the performance that Larry Mizell Jr. called "not bad" for a white rapper and earned city council incumbent Tim Burgess a whopping 78 percent of the audience vote at last night's Candidate Survivor.

Plus more photos from last night's talent showcase after the jump.

(All photographs courtesy of Kelly O, except for the one that looks like it was shot by a drunk fish.)

Incumbent Tom Rasmussen's talent: Orchestrating gay disco flash mobs.

Tom Rasmussen, hustling.
  • Tom Rasmussen, hustling.

Rasmussen challenger Dale Pusey singing "Rivers of Babylon" with backup from a banana grabber. Pusey lost to Rasmussen with only 42 percent of the vote.

Banana Crooner
  • Kelly O
  • Banana Crooner

Clark challenger Dian Ferguson reacts to sharing the stage with a shirtless cardboard cutout of Bruce Harrell.

Champs, all of them.
  • Champs, all of them.

Harrell challenger Brad Meacham beaming after belting out Lady Gaga's "Telephone"—in Japanese.

Beneath the bearded folds hes a Japanese pop star.
  • Beneath the bearded folds he's a Japanese pop star.

UFCW's Sarah Cherin and Stranger music writer Larry Mizell Jr. laughing like carefree kittens on stage.

Hyucking it up.
  • Panelists Cherin and Mizell, yucking it up.

Godden challengers Forch and Michael Taylor-Judd sharing their victory belt. Forch's talent was baking cookies in under 2 minutes (kind of) and MTJ cleverly parodied this eHarmony video, replacing "cats" with "monorails."

Bobby Forch, getting his picture taken with Tiger Beat heartthrob MTJ.
  • Forch gets his picture taken with Tiger Beat heartthrob MTJ!

Obey the yes.

  • YES.

And finally, Stranger news editor Dominic Holden after being surreptitiously sticker bombed with pro-tunnel propaganda:

The precious pony lobby, calling for a deep boring at either end.
  • The precious Pony lobby, demanding a deep boring at either end.