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Kauai is great. Enjoy yourself, Dan and stop in at Caffe Coco. Their ahi sandwich is fucking incredible.
Are you sure you're not stoned too? Cause it sure sounds like it. LOL

I hope you are enjoying Hawaii even if you can't see the animatronic show that you clearly want to see but can't see because it's not playing on Kauai and has never been shown on Kauai even though you'd really like to see it since you are in fact on Kauai.
It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all.
Small World? Disneyland?

Rainforest Cafe? Tukwila?
Given the setting and theme, I'm going with "The Tiki Room".

And the speaker is spot-on.
Dan, while you're there, check out a store called Coconut Style, in Kilauea/the Kong Lung Historic Market.
Most beautiful Aloha shirts, ever. Nothing goofy there, just pure island artistry.
Have a good time in chill Kauai.
Moloa'a Sunrise Fruit Stand, Anahola; Limahuli Gardens; and Ha'ena Beach at sunset. Also, are half the tourists there from Seattle during the summer, too?
It really is a lovely animatronic show. Since you just have to see it, I'm including it for you here.…

Warning: you will not be able to stop singing this for a few hours.
yes, the tiki room. too bad disney doesn't sell booze.
The place to go on Kauai is either side of the impassible Na Pali bit in the northwest -- Polihale Beach, longest and widest beach anywhere (far end of the ring road counterclockwise) or the far end clockwise, at Ha'ena Park, where the brightly colored fishies will nibble at your legs as you wade. Go in the caves if you dare. If you have the bucks, take the helicopter ride up the Na Pali and into the crater, wettest place on earth, the canyon will blow your ever-lovin' mind. C'mon, you have the bucks, it's like $200 a person and you will never forget it.
Not being a fan of heights (no copter rides for me), my favorite splurge outing on Kauai is a Na Pali catamaran tour with a stop off the coast of Ni'ihau for snorkling. It's fantastic!
Hit a farmers market or two. Simply amazing fruit.

I really liked the inner tube float through the irrigation tunnels.
Forget the rest of Hawaii, it is a theme park. Kauai is the only place you need to go to slow down (lots of activities, true) but pretty much zero bullshit.
I love the fact that zoning laws there allow no building over 3 stories.
LOVE Kauai!
Dan's Post = humble brag
"It's the BEAR necessities, those humble BEAR necessities... "
If you're on Kauai, I hope you've managed to head up to the northernmost beach you can drive up to (going north counter clockwise). Also, the helicopter rides that go over the wettest spot on earth (>365" of rain a year)? And Waimea Canyon! Oh, and a boat out to see the Na Pali coast! And...

(Well you can tell I've been to Kauai, eh? My favorite island...)
Wow, Dan is high and on Kauai -- envy!
Enjoy the forest, wildlife (pigs and chickens), and beach!
If you're on the east side, hit the Pono Market in Kapaa (it's a little deli/takeout shop. Heading north on Kuhio, on the right just before the shopping center, next to a ukulele store) that I sweat to God is the best food on Kauai. Pulled pork, lau lau, fried chicken, and a random assortment of the best sushi I had there.
Yes, don't forget Waimea Canyon! Especially if you want some decidedly un-Seattleish weather.
Ok. This one really threw me for a while. I'm so focussed on how repulsed I am with very animatronic-ish Speaker Boehner, that I assumed that "* The speaker proceeded to say a great deal more than that," was referring to him. I wondered what he was referring to and searched for "Animatronic Boehner".


But searching for "animatronic hawaii" unearthed this astonishing gem:…

"prehistoric teddybears"!!

Dan, it's in Honolulu, so you can probably stop in before your flight back to the mainland.
Hi Dan, my wife and I were on Kaua'i in late July for our honeymoon. Did you happen to hike the Honopu Ridge Trail on July 25th? I thought that one of the members of a group we passed on our hike out looked exactly like you.

If so how was the hike? When we got to the end of the trail the valley was filled with clouds, but they lifted for about half an hour. It started raining on us on the way out. Were you able to make t to the end of the trail?

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