In addition to a busy day of Tweeting, and some crowing about how "we’ve seen switchboards and websites overwhelmed by Americans urging members of Congress to compromise on the debt ceiling," the White House is now also pushing out evidence that "governors, mayors and other state elected officials are joining the growing chorus."

In among the evidence:

Chris Gregoire, Governor of Washington:

“President Obama was right to push Congress to act and act soon on a long-term solution to the debt ceiling. We can’t just kick the can down the road for another six months. The uncertainty of the debt negotiations has caused consumers to slow spending and businesses to slow hiring.” [Signed 7/26/2011]

Mike McGinn, Mayor of Seattle, WA:

“Congress’s failure to raise our nation’s debt ceiling undermines our hard work. Even worse, it threatens the fragile recovery we’re seeing in Seattle. People are coming off the sidelines to invest in our city and congressional irresponsibility threatens to dry up their credit. It’s time for Congress to stop grandstanding and start working to protect our country’s financial security.” [7/29/2011]

And, off the top rope, the Washington State Treasurer!

Jim McIntire, WA State Treasurer:

“Failure to act will likely crush a fragile economy, irreparably harm struggling businesses and families, damage responsible state governments, and undermine emerging stability among our community banks. This is a risk we cannot afford to take…” [Signed 7/27/2011]