Who dunnit?
  • Courtesy of Kirotv.com
  • Who dunnit?
The ACLU of Washington has a message for the anonymous cartoonist being hunted down—and criminally charged for cyberstalking—after mocking the Renton Police Department in a series of cartoon videos:

"The ACLU of Washington is very concerned that Renton officials are using the cyberstalking law in this situation," writes Doug Honig, communications director for the ACLU.

"The cyberstalking law is designed to protect individuals from serious harassment by other individuals, not to protect government from parodies by employees. People have a right to speak anonymously on the Internet, and employer-employee issues involving YouTube satires should not be pursued as criminal matters. We would very much like to hear from the individual who posted the parodies so that we can know more about the facts of this matter."

Here's hoping cartoonists read Slog. (PSST—The ACLU of WA can be reached at: 206-624-2184)

Meanwhile, the Renton Chief of Police is gearing up for a 4:30 p.m. press conference to do damage control answer questions on why the police department is targeting a cartoonist that, according to court documents filed with King County Superior Court, "did not mention a specific city or police department."