uhh... just wow. Are you guys...okay?
The countdown to Fnarf bitching about the photos begins now.

Why won't your copyediting staff teach you all this one?
So everyone wants to be a cute fox? How predictable. How about a scaly rave? What's out there for all the reptilian fetishists?
Now THAT looks like one heck of a good time!
@2, it's pointless to bitch about photos in a club with lighting like that.

It is however extremely apropos to ask WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Furries, particularly "erotic" furries, are the lowest of the low.
I thought the "kill all the illegals" guy from my hometown would be the worst thing I read on SLOG today. This is a tie with that post.
@3, In all fairness, the slits in the outfits were arranged in a periodic array like a diffraction grating.
Every time I see a tween-age girl wearing one of those stupid furry hats with the cat ears or panda ears, it makes me shudder in disgust thinking, "DON'T YOU KNOW YOU'RE ATTRACTING THE FURRIES?!" Yuck, Pedofurria.

I'm pretty open minded, but I just don't get furries, and I really don't get the cutesy animal hat thing on anyone over 10 either.
Leh-hew zeh-hur.


I loved Kelly O's Line Out post a few days ago with Chris P's many photos. "Fox in Green Socks" particularly.
awwwwwww come on you guys!!

they're *adorable*!!
Why y'all gotta hate? Personally, I don't see the appeal of furries, but I don't see any point in being all "zomg lowest of the low pervert loser freaks! I shudder in disgust!" They're not hurting anyone. They're just having fun. Can't we all just get along?
"Thank God I can strike that off my list," he says.

Jesus, Paul, you really are a stick in the mud. Maybe if you fix your attitude, you could someday strike "having sex with someone other than myself" off your list.
Best New Word Of The Day: "Pedofurria"
Crazy costumes, alcohol flowing, music blaring, friends from across the US, and acceptance without judgment. Nothing but a good time!

Too bad this article isn't all that great. Rather, its a confused message. Definitely a perspective from people that had no clue beforehand.
I thought it was an interesting read, but it was too short and left me wanting to learn more. I'm not into the furry thing, but I don't understand why there is so much hostility toward them. They're not hurting anyone so what's the big deal?

dan's take on the whole furry thang.
I'm with @13 here-- while it isn't for me, it's consensual and it makes people happy. The "OMG sooo groooooss" comments sound like y'all are 8 years old hearing about the birds & bees for the first time.

@16: You can find extreme, vulgar, or unsavory depictions of pretty much anything people are into if you know where to look. I mean, come on: Is someone who likes to see their girlfriend in a short plaid skirt really just itching for some preteen action? (Hint: No.) Someone who likes some fursuit action is probably not actually about to go, like, buy a stoat and fuck it.
Oh come on, what's the big deal? We all have weirdness; if you don't, you're probably pretty fucking boring.
@Fnarf, a fur enthusiast friend of mine would disagree. He is of the belief that LARPing is the lowest of the low, and in fact likens it to herpes--do it once and you're tainted forever.

Just when I thought Seattle libs couldn't get any weirder, you guys just keep doubling down on the freaky! Thanks for the laugh anyway.


"Someone who likes some fursuit action is probably not actually about to go, like, buy a stoat and fuck it."

Hope not. Those things can get vicious when cornered and I'd hate to see some innocent fur-wearing pervert get....

Never mind.
"I want to pull Fuzzie's lush tail and jump on his back. I want to wrestle or sit on his lap and just stare into his giant, unblinking cartoon eyes."

Cienna, when is your birthday again?
I'm kind of jealous of Paul and Cienna. I'm no furry, but I really enjoy weirdness. I hope you two follow up with a feature story on yiffing.
@23 since when does a discussion about a furry rave have anything to do with politics?
Hey, Seattleblues, have you found your proof that FDR actually packed the Supreme Court yet? Or would you like, for once, to admit you were incorrect?
BDSM and ponyplay are shit are okay, but this furry stuff is DEVIANT and WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE and WEIRD

Sure. It was a mistake. What should have been stated as FDR's heavy handed intimidation of the court by threatening to pack it, resulting in legal precedent which has effectively gutted the Constitution, got written as his successful move to do so. Since the effect was the same, it's a bit of a pyrrhic victory for you, but enjoy!


Yeah, just can't see this event happening in Duvall or Bellevue or Enumclaw. Think the libs own this one.
@29, what evidence do you have that supports this? SCOTUS continued to find many of these programs unconstitutional. And it would be weird for them to feel intimidated in light of that massive failure, don't you?
@24, SEPTEMBER. Woof.
@29, no, they just fuck real horses in Enumclaw. Please. Political affiliation has nothing to do with it.
@29, Yes because people in Enumclaw prefer the real thing, not some fake cartoon suit.
I don't get the hate. They're having fun, it's not hurting anyone, and while not my thing Nutsy is spot on. For all of you "eww furry" people, let me guess - you're worried about cooties too?
How are all the furries not overheating? I get too warm in clubs just wearing my plain human clothes. All the crotch and ass slits in the world wouldn't be enough to ventilate a fur suit for me.
Furries are the bravest of the brave.
@29, every minute you spend here is a minute spent away from your family.
I don't really get the furry hate either. I'm not into it myself, but if consenting adults want to fuck each other while dressed as Tigger and Piglet why should I - or anybody else care? I have never met a furry who wanted to have sex with an actual animal - they're all about the the toon' poon.
Furries just make me uneasy for no reason I can explain. It's as if they were wearing giant plastic baby heads and diapers. It just makes me ... uneasy.
@22, nope. LARPers are low but not that low.…
@41- Brunching Shuttlecocks was the shit back in the day, that and where the center of my internet.
Furries are amongst the lowest scum, and must be exterminated, with prejudice, immediately.
I have never understood why otherwise broad-minded people get so upset about furries.

Anyway. SB's characterization of furries as "Seattle liberals" is pretty hilarious. From what I've seen, a slim majority of furries are southern christians (or maybe it's just a particularly vocal minority.) I think the same thing that gets you excited about saturday morning cartoons can get you all hot and bothered over Jesus.
Way to go guys, thanks for the article. Glad one of you had fun, at least. One out of two isn't bad, right? =)
Great post Cienna and perfectly observed! Who wouldn't want a snack? The Stranger should send you to the Sweet Corn Princess Festival in Illinois.
Now Paul only needs to worry about Scooby Doo characters dress-up fetish
@10 @16 @48

We have more sex than you. We go to way more parties than you. I guarantee you we have a hell of a lot more fun than you... and yet we're the losers?

Try again.
Glad you enjoyed seeing us in costume, even if the other didn't. The event was a lot of fun - hot as hell, but worth it. Dancing in fursuit is a great workout :)
Hehe yeah, being a furry is awesome :) It's a whole lifestyle that embraces diversity and the enjoyment of life, it's a community of people who care so little for the differences that cause wars and hatred between humans (and all that's left is the small stuff that we all sweat, which just rolls off your back with the right attitude and a little practice). Sexual liberation is part of it, but what gets shared far more than the intimate contact and sexual encounters is a genuine love and respect for others that manifests itself in a sharing of time, space, emotion, and resources that exceeds anything else I've ever experienced in broader western society.
It's a bunch of freaky nerds getting their groove on. What's not to love?
i was one of the foxes at that party. and you know what i am gay, i dont have sex with children, i dont have sex with animals and i am going to keep dressing up like a giant fox that walks on 2 legs and party my ass off with my friends. so you haters can keep on hating im going to go have fun.... peace
"Seattle's first furry rave"

Nope, but thanks for trying to sound sensational.
"and all that's left is the small stuff that we all sweat, which just rolls off your back with the right attitude and a little practice"

Then it encrusts into a yiffsuit.
in this post I read by far most furries at this thing were men. why so few women? hmm
More seriously-

@54: I've encountered furries online that are women. In person, most that I've known have been gay men.
Well, what's worse are furries that dress up to cyberyiff on webcam.

It's not just sweat encrusted on the inside of those suits and they are expensive to send to a cleaner so it doesn't get done that often. Gross.
Reminds me of a conversation I had with a fellow from Ulster, when I guessed that he was from Scotland: "Nay, laddie, we eat the sheep where I come from."

Anyway, you should throw the furries in a cage with a bunch of LARPers and Juggaloes. It would be interesting to see what would happen...kinda like how, when we were kids, we used to throw spiders, scorpions and praying mantises together in mason jars.
So what? It's not your thing? too bad, but who freaking cares?
I know about 10 furries, they're all women, and none of them have 'discreet slits' in their costumes. They just love animals, identify with them, and feel good about acting it out. None of them have sex in their suits, it's actually a stereotype. 'that kind' of furry makes most people in the community roll their eyes.

Weird how a community so accepting of piss, shit and come get freaked out by a bit of faux-fur.

And approaching 40 in LA, really?? Juggaloes and larpers in the same box? I'm sorry but being an armoursmith is just a WEE bit cooler than being a redneck clown. Larping takes dedication, a huge amount of research and is actually tons of fun. If you don't think camping in the woods chasing your friends around with sticks is fun, you're missing out. it's like paintball, only cheaper and more creative.
This group offends me *fantasize about murdering and torturing them* *Is 13 years old*

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