We want people to drive less right? this seems like a great way to do it.
I have voted for every Eyman initiative I can remember, but I'll be voting against 1125.

I want to shrink the size of government, but the government that is there I want run and funded sensibly. That means using congestion pricing and considering 90+520 as a single cross-lake road system. I generally prefer to fund roads over transit, but the transit that I do have I want organized sensibly. That means light rail goes to the east side.
Eyman's not a conservative, he's a nihilist.
Anarchist, not nihilist.
Gee @2. I've voted against every Eyman initiative, but I'll be voting for 1125. The state seems to think that expensive and risky mega-projects are the answer to all our transportation problems. Something that "would completely screw up highway improvement plans" sounds like a good idea.
I'm a Democrat who voted for 1053 but I'll vote against this.

Why isn't SLOG supporting HB2100 -- An Asset Tax on Intangibles?

Because SLOG is written by rich kids with trust funds.

They don't want dada and mummums stocks taxed.

They want peons to be taxed with fees.

horrible policy idea, but it could totally happen. at least it would fuck the very people who usually just vote to fuck others. plus they will almost certainly fuck themselves. just one more public policy disaster. eh.
Yeah, you guys go after Eyman, rub his face in the fact that tolls are needed to pay for road projects.

Then do an about face and complain about how downtown gridlock is going to be 10x worse if tolls are placed on the viaduct tunnel.
This will kill the tunnel, right?
if eyman's fur it i'm agin it. i don't even need to read it.
Agreed @ 11.
I see his name and vote against him automatically.
@9: Yeah, pretty sure Eyman isn't going after tolls due to diversion issues.
I-1125 is unconstitutional. It violates the single subject rule.

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