Well... Paul, I expect better of you... Don't you know that when he died, he was born into Heaven? He's gone to live with Jesus, and this second birthday is much more important than his first.

She said it on purpose, duh. :P
Serious Answer: Every story about her campaign emphasizes the number & ubiquity of her handlers.
Serious Questions: WTF? Have you read anything about her? Are you going to ask if she's white next?

She's a disaster waiting to happen, as this latest daily blunder makes clear. No amount of "handling" can turn batshit into anything other than batshit. She's truly hopeless.
Jeeeeesus, Paul. Could you TRY to think outside your narrative for once in your life? You are beyond reaching on this one. You've really NEVER heard the word "birthday" used to acknowledge the anniversary of someone's birthdate, even if they're dead? Or maybe of a little federal holiday called Washington's Birthday?
Well, any handler worth their salt would know that it would be a losing proposition to hitch their wagon to this faulty star, so....

I imagine her 'handlers' are maybe some youths from the local Vacation Bible School, or some such equally qualified individuals.
you can wish happy birthday to dead people. We celebrate dead people's birthdays all the time.
OH, I see. Not his birthday at all. Carry on
I admit it, I misread the item/misinterpreted Paul's complaint. She's smarter than me too. I still think Paul has never met with an anecdote he couldn't shoehorn into his preferred narrative.
@ 3 - Hey genius, August 16th is Presley's deathdate, not his birthdate (that would be January 8th).

There's a little thing called Google... Do you use it?
@3, 5: Hint, today is not Elvis Presley's birthday.
@ 7 - Ha! Keep on keeping on....
@3 Today marks the 34th anniversary of his death, not his birth (which would be January 8th). Crazy eyes was, in fact, as confused as you.
Has Elvis' Wiki changed yet?
@12 I see what you did there. Nice!
@ 3
You've really NEVER heard the word "birthday"

And you've obviously never heard of context, it appears. You do understand how Elvis passed from this earthly realm don't you? Certainly, you just can't do any better than that, can you?
It's Madonna's birthday!
More evidence that her speech writer does a Google search for pertinent factoids for that day's campaign stop five minutes before she's scheduled to give a speech, and doesn't actually read the results before he starts writing.
"You can't do better than Elvis Presley"

So...glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver damage, an enlarged colon and then dead on the toilet at 42 is what she strives for?
As much as you can say "this trivial thing doesn't matter", the fact of the matter is that she is running to be the head of the Executive office; running the details is EXACTLY the job of the president. And if she can't hire people who can't keep her from making even the smallest of mistakes, what does this say about her executive ability?

Being a good congressperson* is not the same as being a good...or even minimally acceptable... president.

(* I am not saying that she actually is this either.)
let's all say 'Happy Deathday' to Elvis Presley !!
@17 Like I said, you can't do any better!
Google was celebrating the 100th birthday of Lucille Ball a couple of weeks ago as well, even though she died many years ago. Does that mean they're morons too?
Oops, I misunderstood. She confused his birthday with the anniversary of his death. That is pretty stupid then.
@15 -- There's a joke in there about her husband being dyed in the wool fan of the Material Girl but it's just too easy a target, and I only traffic in stereotypes for humor when it's funny.
Elvis did not die in 1977. Elvis died in the army in a covert operation in Vietnam in 1960 in a vain attempt to suppress the coup against Diem. The Elvis who came back was actually another person who RCA hired as a shill to milk the lucrative marketing franchise of The King. This began a series of some of the most awful movies ever put on film. Elvis the Second came to be viewed as passe because of his films. RCA fired Elvis the Second and hired a new man to do the widely televised comeback concert in 1968. Elvis the Third went on to become the rhinestone Elvis that most impersonators like, mainly because of his lack of physical fitness and lack of discernable talent. By 1977 Elvis the Third was drugged out of his skull and his sanity had slipped so RCA decided to fire Elvis the Third. RCA decided that rather than hire somebody to be Elvis the Fourth, it would be better to kill the franchise. Thus, the death of Elvis the Third was staged and The King was no more. Elvis the Third slipped into obscurity in the hills of Tennessee. Occasionally people would recognize him, but just like the rednecks who are sodomized by extraterrestrials, who was going to believe them? The frequency of Elvis sightings seemed to have fizzled out by the mid 90s. Elvis the Third was hardly a paragon of healthy living. He died quietly in a little house by a river in the woods of Tennessee in 1992. As for the fate of Elvis the Second... well who cares about that jackass?
Now, I understand that politicians are, almost by definition, total choads when it comes to popular culture. Everyone knows Elvis' birthday is, at the very least, "in the winter", if not January 8th. Shit, I'm hardly a fan of the guy & even _I_ know that.

However, it appears, judging by our resident troll, that her followers are also complete choads when it comes to American culture. So, as a public service to Mr. I'm Too Scared to Register (heck, even fox news clones raindrop & seattleblues have registered), here are some subjects you'll want to read about, so you can better understand the people you live with: Rock & Roll, Jazz, Hollywood, Broadway. That should get you started. Good luck!
I can imagine it's hard for her to keep facts like the difference between John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy and the dates of Elvis' birth and death when her mental energies are tied up in helping her husband stay in the closet!
The people who like her, and the people who will vote for her if she's the nominee, don't care about facts. George Bush didn't care about facts; Ronald Reagan didn't care about facts. They were both two-term Presidents.

Laugh all you want; it may be a little less funny next year.
@25, he's not "scared" to register; by my count, he's done it 12 times so far. And been banned every time.
Why would she want to associate herself with the likes of Elvis anyway? He’ wasn’t not exactly a clean-living Mr. Wholesome.
As the snow flies...

When he asked, "Do we turn our heads and simply look the other way?" he wasn't referring to overlooking her numerous mistakes, gaffes, and stupidity. Perhaps, she doesn't understand this.
Grow up. I'm estimating here, but there's about a metric ton more ways you could intelligently critique her and tear her apart than childishly calling her out on.. what, noting Elvis' birthday? Please, you can do better (I think??).
Yup. Somebody's afraid of Michele.

Strong, intelligent, conservative christian patriots do that to liberals.


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