As you probably know, today is primary election day—HAVE YOU VOTED YET?—and that means that the campaign nerds political set is getting boozy tonight to watch the results roll in and celebrate sweet, sweet victory or drown the crushing agony of defeat.*

If you're into hanging out on strangers' porches, getting your ass kicked for being a tween idol, or boring deep tunnels, then there's a celebration (or a mourning binge) for you and us—the SECB will be boozing it up, lighting fires, picking pockets, and shedding crocodile tears at all of tonight's parties.

Party times and locations are organized by election after the jump.

*Goodspaceguy won't be hosting a party because, as he put it, "I think I'm going to lose. The unemployment caused by the job-killing minimum wage is going to continue, and I'm going to lose, so I'm not going to celebrate."

Tunnel Referendum/Proposition 1
Protect Seattle Now (Reject): Havana, 6:00 PM
Let's Move Forward (Approve): Miners Landing, 6:00 PM

City Council Position 1
Jean Godden: Fare Start, 7:00 PM
Bobby Forch: Rob Roy, 7:00 PM
Maurice Classen: Great Nabob, 6:00 PM
Michael Taylor-Judd:
Attending Protect Seattle Now's party at Havana.

City Council Position 9
Sally Clark: Doing whatever everyone else is doing.

King County Council District 8
Joe McDermott: Beveridge Place Pub, 8:00 PM

King County Council District 6
Jane Hague: didn't return our calls, as usual.
Patsy Bonincontri: Party pooper.
Richard Mitchell: Crossroads Grill, 7:30 PM
John Creighton: George's Place, 7:00 PM