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Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. H L Mencken
Whether or not Hague deserves kudos for voting responsibly on the Metro save - she *did* to a pretty cut and dried flip-flop on what had previously been identified as a graven-in-stone promise.
I wouldn't be so certain that the editors read their own paper. I've found them lacking in that department in the past.
"it's only twenty fucking bucks"

Only twenty bucks here, $40 there, $60 here.....pretty soon you're talking actual money.

Then I1053 passes and Goldbergstein stands there with his 'who farted?' face.
Meanwhile, Spokane also passed an additional $20 car tab earlier this year, which their paper (the Spokesman-Review) completely supported.…

The Seattle Times is ridiculously conservative, even by Spokane standards.
It was a calculated move by Hague. Her apparent opponent (Mitchell) not only supported the fee from the beginning, but actually advocated for it at a public feedback meeting. All those voters who are pissed that she voted for it will have to eat crow when they vote for her or him in November. Her dithering and back-and-forth on this issue will definitely not help though.
I think we need a fifth vote on the race.
Death threats? Over $1.67 a month? What the fuck is wrong with people?

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