Dialing for dollars.
  • Jennifer Richard
  • Dialing for dollars.
The other day I got an e-mail from Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (yes, he of the "eeeeee!") begging for money.

Okay, not exactly begging, but putting a nice gloss on the fact one year after his election to the state legislature, he's still in the red.

"One of the nicest things about session is that it provides a welcome break from campaign fundraising—my purpose for reaching out to you today," Fitzgibbon wrote. "A first-time candidate, I incurred some debt from the last campaign cycle. In order to begin fresh and enter 2012 strong, I need your help retiring that debt. Could you please help me with financial help from yourself, your client/s, and/or your friends?"

How much debt, exactly?

Today Fitzgibbon wrote to tell me: "About $7,000, give or take."