Maybe someone's making a Hump film, have you considered that?

Go check on her.
The Roycroft?
I once woke up my bedmate at 3 in the morning, convinced a woman was being stabbed in the alley out back. We went outside, only to find that nobody was dying. A woman was being stabbed all right, but she didn't mind it at all. Awkward.
And yeah, I find the usual thumpin' and bumpin' sounds comforting too. Nice to know someone is keeping these ancient traditions alive.
Wasn't it Lindy who got a note from her neighbour about a similar issue? Hah..
why does the time of day matter? are people supposed to adhere to some kind of sex-schedule?
I'd call the cops. Except they're probably already there. Doing the raping. Sorry to be so cynical, but I live in New York, where cop rapists lose their jobs but don't get prosecuted for a crime.
No one ever fucks anybody where I live.
Dude, you're complaining about 9:29 PM. 9:29 PM. On a Saturday. Normal adults aren't asleep at 9:29 on a Saturday. When I was in grade school and I had friends over we could hear my parents going at it later than that. As an adult I am on occasion woken up by what is possibly lesbian neighbors upstairs at two in the morning due to sex sounds. If you're that concerned about sex at 9:29 on a Saturday I'm not sure you're ready to be an adult. And if you have never had a partner bring you to screaming orgasms you need a new partner.
People who live in apt bldgs and have loud sex are rude. My friend, a (former) Capitol Hill resident, did indeed have the cops called on her when she had loud sex. The next day the manager of the bldg visited her to say if the cops showed up again w/a noise complaint, she'd be kicked out of the bldg.
Funny how you never hear about guys screaming during sex.
Sorry. Married (straight) here. Learned to be discreet. Did go by Grubich (that I'm dying to try thanks to Bethany and others) for the midnight showing of "Aliens" with my daughter and her friends (one of them openly gay()
Still - good to know you're there.
maybe she had too much cheese on her taco salad.
(easy to do-it's so yummy...)
and now she has this huge brick of a turd
that she just can't get out.....
maybe you should suggest she use Metamucil.
a friend of your kid is openly gay?!
you are so cool.
seattle is such an amazing place.
Sure, you like sausage and children, but you don't want to...
Sounds more like she wants attention than getting pleasure.
When I used to live in an apartment building and would hear sex sounds I felt bitter and lonely. :-)
Does the noise stop every hour on the hour? Could be that you have Pros living/working in your building
Am I wrong in thinking that you are concerned for her safety? And you aren't complaining about the noise, but wondering if she is okay? I say call the police, too. And maybe knock on the door and run (you DO NOT want to be in the middle of a domestic violence situation.)
If it is really annoying...give a little back..."Oh...Oh yeah..." Did this in a hotel once and it shut them right up:)
I know nothing about hearing loud sex noises. Particularly those that don't come from within my own house.

I used to live next door to a woman who'se sex sounds alternated between sounding like she was laughing hysterically and getting beat. Our apartments are right on the sidewalk and she and her man would be doing this in the afternoon with the windows wide open. I think I would rather fuck someone who didn't make any noise than someone who sounded like that.
As for doing it at 9:29 on a Saturday night, what, do you think that because they're not hitting the clubs that night they should be living lives with no joy?
If you're concerned for her safety, go by the next afternoon and ask if you can talk to her. That way you can find out if she's getting beaten or if she's just having fun.
Ever worked the night shift at a nursing home?
There's almost always moaning, creaking, and/or thumping....
Sex sounds from other rooms is one of those things that can't be ignored - unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your kink). Earplugs work wonders. So do vibrators and a good quality lube.
@11 I think people who live in apartment buildings and complain about others sex noises are even ruder. It's not like they're watching porn or Fox News, or listening to Dave Matthews really loud.
The more you hate this movie, the more I love it.

And life is a mystery. You don't know very much about the universe if you think we know everything about life.
Wrong thread! Whoops!
I don't wish to sound vulgar, but the sweetest sounds in the universe are those of women in orgasm.
As they sang in "Avenue Q", You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)...
@27 Nope, it's the people making the noise that are rude, not those complaining. When you're living in close quarters it behooves you to make it a pleasanter experience for everyone.

I've never got mad at the people who told me my music was too loud (it's happened twice in two different buildings). They weren't being rude. They were being bothered by me.

In my experience, people making loud noises during sex (and yes, it does always to be women that are louder) are showing off.
Just because all women aren't loud during sex does not mean that those who are loud are just showing off. If you've read Sex At Dawn, you would understand that is is quite natural for women to be this way, and maybe thankful that it's not the men you hear.
Kelly, I know exactly who you're talking about. We refer to her as "Moaning Lisa"...

And I have to agree with Little Brown Hen here, if you're making so much noise that you wake people up late at night or early in the morning on a regular basis and you continue to do it despite being well aware of these facts (as is the case with my neighbors) then you're an asshole, plain and simple.
I think I might have been that screaming woman at one point in my life. Mid-weekend mornings was the usual time, not late or early. I wasn't trying to be an exhibitionist. I might have been an inconsiderate asshole, but only by accident. I think I'd just get carried away with my natural response, and I didn't realize how the sound carried until I realized I could hear every word of one neighbor's conversations with her mother and I started getting some passive-aggressive comments ("We never ever ever hear ANYTHING from your bedroom! Never EVER! No, no, no. Not at all.")
Maybe she was giving birth. The screams you let out with unmedicated birth can sound a lot like really good sex. I speak from experience here.
Hey @12,

I am one half of a noisy pair of screamers, so some guys do it too. Though to be honest, we are more bellowers than screamers, nobody is going to mistake us as being in pain. I find that having to pay attention to staying quiet, instead of just letting go, really sucks down the quality of the O. (Though sometimes when my wife is on top and kegeling I go so far into it I can't make a sound.)

according to what i learned reading sex at dawn, those banshee yelps were meant to attract other male suitors... not other women... so maybe thats why it wasnt workin for you. or else she was just an obnoxious haprie screamin her head off for affect and to join the club of the moaning sex building... and by the way... I want to move there
At a large family dinner recently my sisterinlaw mentioned that it would be nice if we all lived next to each other. my comment was "It gets loud in the summer." no more discussions of adjusted living arrangments occurred.
screamers are overcompensating....

have you tried Beano?
I'm loving the bitterness in the comments (especially the "forever alone" unregistereds...)
I haven't read Sex at Dawn, but I know from experience that even when I'm masturbating in an empty house, I still make involuntary noise if it's a particularly good orgasm. I for one, am not showing off when I'm noisy during sex, it just means my partner is doing a damn good job. Sometimes I don't think I've been noisy at all, and I'm informed otherwise afterward. Oops! If my partner wants me to be quieter, they can cover my mouth. I seriously can't help it though.

On the other side of the coin, I definitely don't think I scream like I'm being murdered either, so who knows.
@39: Huh? Why would summer make a difference? And how does saying "it gets loud in the summer" mean anything about sex? Sex would not be my first thought if someone said that.
@45 - summer, in some places, means windows open. Windows open means that sound travels more easily. Maybe there was a little bit of "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" body language to help clarify the reference for adults at the dinner table.
@46: heh, thanks, I guess that's the only interpretation that makes any sense, though I'm still trying to imagine what kind of tone or body language could communicate "and by loud I mean people having sex." Maybe the finger-moving-in-and-out-of-the-thumb-and-index-circle sign language?

It seems so random. Like saying "I just bought some books" and somehow hinting that the books were porn. I'm trying to imagine:

"I just bought some... *eyebrow wiggle* *suggestive tone* books."
"Huh? WTF? Are you high?"
@47: And screaming during sex may be a genetic predilection,

According to anecdotes my mom was a screamer (she died when I was young). So maybe it runs in the family.


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