I have a 98 Kia that leaks both oil and gas. The check engine light is on. You can have it.
"I'm no journalist"

Apparently you have been reclassified by McKenna as the breakfast of champions!

How much do bus, train, and tram car manufacturers donate to Democrats?

At least there's the hope that we'll elect a Governor who will end the War on Cars and turn "transit" back into Transportation.
Out of curiosity, would you have to report something like this as income?
Car ownership is highly correlated with car fatalities. Therefore I will not give you my car.

There. I saved your life twice in one day. You're welcome. Again.
The "war on cars" is a right-wing invention, just like the war on Christmas. Here Metro is being cut while we're building a $6 billion car tunnel. Yes, you're are an oppressed bunch.
I'll put a Rob McKenna sucks bumper sticker on my Escape if you'd like.
How about a "Rob McKenna is Uriah Heep" bumper sticker?
Wow. You're right. He is! Yes. I'll take one of those too, 8.

Rob McKenna was in Uriah Heep?

Is he the one in brown velvet jacket:…

I want a pony.
If you get a shiny new car, I call dibs on your old one. Its official, I called dibs first.
Talk about beating a dead horse. This is the difference between small-town journalism and real political analysis. Would you even have a story if Chuck Olson Chevrolet-Kia (or whoever) had made the max donation to McKenna for the last 10 years? No, you would not. There are probably hundreds of people who have done that. But since the donation is in kind, in the form of a car, well, that's almost-kind-of-like-what-they-called-man-bites-dog-if-I'm-remembering-my-Communications-101-class-correctly.

Talk about missing the forest for the trees. Who else has given McKenna FAR FAR more money--real money, not a stupid fucking Civic? You won't find that story here.
@4, yes he would have to pay income tax on a free car. Still a good deal.
Wasn't there an Oregonian reporter who got in trouble for accepting a free parking space a few years ago?
Because you have advice from our attorney general that you don't count as a journalist have you ever considered what kind of partisan hackery you can pull off legally?
Goldy - that PI article says that Bellevue Honda does a $475 a month in-kind contribution with the lease. That's $5700 per year, or $22,800 per four year election cycle. The campaign limit is $3200 per election cycle. In addition to the fact that the lease is a clear conflict, perhaps it's kind of a big deal that they're flagrantly in violation of campaign contribution limits?
if only it were possible for Goldy to be more of a partisan hack than he already is that might be intriguing.....
@13... There's a big difference between a cash donation and an in-kind donation of a car. McKenna gets to drive the car for his personal use too (I'd wager, MOSTLY for personal use), whereas campaign cash would be harder to enjoy for personal use.

@14... Interesting point about income tax. Were a dealer to smartly lend me a free car, I would have to pay income tax on the fair market value of the lease. But McKenna does not pay income tax on it, because it is a campaign contribution, even though, again, I'd wager the car is most driven for personal use. I mean, it wouldn't make sense for him to pay his share to keep this car, and then only drive it to and from campaign events.
Sign up for zipcar, get a new vehicle everyday. Or take the bus. You don't need a car in the city anyway.
@13, the difference isn't between a cash vs car donation. The difference is that he's getting political donations (both cash and car) from those who he is specifically hired to regulate. That should never be allowed.

@6 HA! $6 billion? You're cute. Ever heard of the Big Dig in Boston? There's no way in hell you guys are getting out of this with a bill under $10 Billion. Likely closer to $20 billion.
Goldy @19: If you're alleging that McKenna is improperly using campaign assets for personal use, then say so (and back it up with some reporting?). Again, it makes ZERO difference whether or not the assets consist of a car or cash.

Root @13: The Consumer Protection Act (which McKenna is obligated to enforce) applies to unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce, not just automobile sales. Under your standard, the AG would not be able to accept a campaign contribution from anyone.

Go ahead and argue that the AG should not use campaign assets for personal use or accept campaign contributions from anyone engaged in trade or commerce, but why get hung up about--again--a stupid fucking Civic. You're missing the big picture.
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