this looks like a hump entry
I'm glad this video doesn't come with scratch and sniff.
What was that? Music video, workout video? I kept waiting for it to do something but nothing happened.
You're taking me back to 1982. Showtime, between shows, had all these softcore "jazzercise" videos. The music's better in this, but Showtime had motherfucking gold lamé thong leotards on their models. It was like a collision between a Jane Fonda video and the Solid Gold dancers--fantastic!
No, no, the birds eye view WAS NOT worth waiting for.
Pretty sure this actually is one of the old "Aerobicise" vids from Showtime -- but with a new soundtrack added.
Yeah that was two girls slapping their pussies together. That's pretty homo.
I remember when these supposed "exercise" videos first hit TV, back in the early '80s, if memory serves.

Young women in a tight leotard pumping away to bad electronic music.

At about the same time the subscription Playboy Channel debuted, this is what served as erotica on basic cable for the (straight) mens of the period.

And they were much excited by them, if memory serves. Lord knows (straight) women (to whom they were ostensibly directed) didn't give a shit about 'em.
Reminds me of, "Ass to ass!" Which always makes me go, "Ack!"
It's not gay if it's two girls. Duh, everyone knows that.
Ah, it seems my memory didn't serve.

Saw them on my boyfriend's TV, and I guess he had Showtime: which was then much more soft porny than HBO.

However, I doubt highly that these videos were popular with exercise fanatics, 'cause I do remember that the mens were much more excited about 'em than the women.
But no, I'd bet that's not new music added.

I remember the bad electronic score, only one of the more annoying aspects of these "exercise" videos.
I used to fap to stuff like this in the 80s.
All it did was make me dizzy. Until about the 3rd minute, at which point it make me long for death. But I couldn't turn it off, I had to wait for the part that was supposedly worth waiting for.

I'm still waiting.
When Ken Griffey Jr. was a young sensation, he was on David Letterman's show. Letterman asked him what he liked to do during the off-season. He said, "I watch aerobics." This is what he meant. It wouldn't make any sense now.
If they shampoo their hair, they can also mop the floor at the same time. How practical!
We never had Showtime or The Playboy Channel, so "highly erotic" for me is more like trying to catch a glimpse of a boob in the scrambled version. Sometimes the picture would almost clear up for a few seconds. I could watch a movie like "Emmanuelle" all the way through, getting just enough nipple and hint of bush to (barely) meet my needs.
It has always baffled me that two guys will be gay, and two girls will not be. It's all about what guys (gay or straight) want to see, I guess.
As a straight woman, I gotta say that was way too gay for me. More videos of beautiful Indian men wrestling in in loincloths would help to straighten things out a bit, though.

Unless by "too gay" your friend just means "not tacky enough".
Good lord, seeing that is a shock of recognition.
Im pretty sure I have the R rated version of this, same studio setting, same type of music and slow camera angles, 100% nude girls doing 45 minutes of light aerobics. I'll reply back when I get home and post the title (so you can torrent it).
Exercise is gay. Sports are gay. Culture is gay. Politics? So very gay. Religion is all about child molestation, and child molestation is gay. Touching yourself is gay, one of the gayest things there is. Nations are gay. Language is gay.

In fact, the only thing that isn't gay is staring at a blank wall.
This is mesmerizing.
Watching that at the gym would not be gay. Watching that video is gay.
Yeah, that's going in the spank bank for the next time the internet is down.
This video is so leotarded.
@28: It's funny because it's excessively literal!
This shit was in Friday The 13th Part 4!
Wow, their timing is pretty impressive. It got to 1:46 before I caught them *not* hitting the floor with their hair in synchrony.
Four and a half minutes of my life, gone forever.
Too skinny.
This is almost as fun as the 'ass to ass' scene in Requiem for a Dream.
This is making me ill. Ugh
See, I go eh on this one even though I'm bi, because to me it's pitched for the guys watching it, not the women and so I lose interest. It doesn't strike me as homo because there's such a big huge male fantasy about jumping in with two hot women making out.

But then that leads me to my wondering what sort of clip would have most women going YUM, and then men EH. It's kind of crazy that a clip of two men will be assumed to be for [gay] men, and a clip of two women will be for... [str8] men...
Dan, you need better friends.
Yup, I'm definitely gay. I try to check every ten years justincase, and this resets the clock even though it's only been about seven years.

The only thing this made me think of was Shelob's Lair.
so, they're practicing for when they poop back and forth forever?
The close-ups of the first woman at the beginning look like she has fangs. Vampire aerobics?
@36. I don't think with current social mores that's it's crazy for man no man porn to be for gay men and for girl on girl porn to be for hetero men. Porn is for the most part is a commodity and commodities are produced for the biggest perceived market (it's always about the money) and that market is men. Plus for whatever reason straight men seem to have the chick on chick fantasies but not too many women I've asked really want to see two dudes ass fucking. It's just the way it seem to be.
I have nothing to say about this video.

Oops, darn it, said something.
those are not pushups.
And THAT, is why exercise is sooooo great!!!

Was that the Mexican or the Canadian show? Boy oh boy, I really used to love those exercise shows!
Here ya go. Free streaming Nude Aerobics.

NSFW --- >; <--- NSFW -Nude Everything
@43, in The Kids are All Right (2010) the two lesbian moms love their gay male porn.
Do you have to post every vid Mudede sends you?
Ah yes, "The 20-Minute Work Off". I remember it fondly.
I'll be in my bunk.
@5 Nailed it. First thing that came to my mind.
that was the worst pushup form I've ever seen.
I would like to see a homo remake.
Lavode, I just fell in love with you a lil bit.
If it turns straight guys on, can it be called gay?

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